Nicolas le Floch series

Nicolas le Floch

(Is it only me or I’m getting better at drawing horses?)

Nicolas le Floch series by Jean-Francois Parot

Hello hello friends !

Today I wanted to talk about a series that I love, and it is not fantasy (who would’ve thought the day would come ! ). It is the Nicolas le Floch series! Now in France it is pretty famous, there is even a TV show that is quite good, and I saw that there have been some translations but no one seemed to talk about it.

Hear; hear if you are a fan of historical mysteries! Set in pre-Revolution France under the reign of Louis XV and later Louis XVI this series follows a young clerk from Brittany, Nicolas le Floch marquis de Ranreuil, who comes to Paris and becomes a well-known detective and also carries some missions for his royal majesties.

There are a lot of books in the series and you don’t really have to read the first one which only sets everything for the next books (basically how Nicolas came from Brittany and became a detective).  Each has a different mystery and they follow the events in France and especially Paris during the times. It is incredibly detailed and the descriptions of food are salivating. The author uses a lot of documentation and history facts hence it’s almost as if you were walking in 1770s Paris.

It might sound a bit overwhelming because it is, as I said, incredibly detailed yet after a few pages and the help of the glossary it will be easier and you will be amazed by the series.


The Castle of Llyr review

castle of llyr.jpg

Castle of Llyr (Chronicles of Prydain book 3) by Lloyd Alexander

24779Rating : four stars

A new adventure awaits Taran and his friends! Dallben has decided that it is time for princess Eilonwy to get a proper education on how to be a lady. He sends her to the Isle of Mona along with Taran. However as they get into the castle they discover that their old foe Achren the enchantress has survived. Soon Eilowny is captured and Taran has to run to her rescue.

It felt so good to be back in Prydain! I love this universe and its characters. I already gushed about it in the previous reviews that I feel that I keep repeating myself on that series XD

Though! In this book I felt like Taran and Eilonwy grew up a lot. Taran is considering how his rank is affecting his relationship with Eilonwy and actually has to consider it when they enter the court. I was a bit scared that it would be more about politics and the inside of a castle’s life…. How I was relieved when they started to get muddy searching for the princess! xD

To be honest I was a bit put off by the fact that she was absent ¾ of the book… No snarky remarks on Taran, nothing to show that women can fight as bad as man, but at the beginning she does tell Dallben that she doesn’t really want to be a proper lady since she is already one and I loved the fact that for her she is a lady even if her hair are not perfect.

Now on the developing romance between her and Taran, who didn’t see it coming? I am not surprised nor am I happy, I just felt “ho yeah well it’s logical.”

I feel like I know by now were the series is going but I still want to read the next books to see if I’m right!

June Manga wrap up


Hello everyone! So it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of those so let’s jump into otaku ramble!

Inubaka: Crazy for dogs by Yukiya Sakuragi


So here’s a series I have known for a while and I re read it this month. It is one of my favoute manga series and should conquer the hearts of any dog lover. It follows the story of Suguri who by some lucky circumstances gets hired at Woofles a pet shop in Tokyo. Suguri has a dog Lupin and is known to be “crazy for dogs”. She has some sort of magic powers with them.

Each manga follows the story of a different dog of the pet shop, some are pretty sad but it’s mostly a fun manga. Although it is classified as a shojo, I think anyone can read it and enjoy it. I have not read the entire series because the last two volumes were never translated in English…. Sadly…

I heard there is also a live action but I can’t find it anywhere so I cannot say anything on that.

But the characters are endearing, the dogs are vey well drawn and there is also a lot of dog geek fun facts that will make your day!

Emperor Mage review

Emperor Mage.jpg

(I’m pretty happy how that drawing turned out. I know Ozorne didn’t had that much birds of prey in the book but here’s a fun fact about me, I’m afraid of birds except birds of prey so don’t expect me drawing a sparrow…. I also tried to put Daine in a goddess like position, if you read the book you understand why)

Emperor Mage (Book 3 The Immortals series) by Tamora Pierce

858671Rating: Five Stars 😀

Daine and her friends are sent on a mission in the Carthak Empire as peace ambassadors but Daine has a special mission: heal the emperor’s birds. While uncovering Carthak’s mysteries Daine discovers her new powers and also she sees that Carthak’s beauty might just be a lie.

This might be my favorite of the series (I haven’t read book 4 yet).

As the book start I already loved it. Daine and crocodiles! And she has a new companion, marmoset Zek. I really like how Daine interacts with animals but also she doesn’t seem to consider herself as human and it is becoming even more present in the later books. She calls the other humans “Two-leggers” but she doesn’t seem to include herself in that category. In a way she is more animal than human and that is what I like about her character.

In fact, it might be why she is such a strong female lead, and I know that Tamora Pierce is known for her badass female (Still have not read Alanna yet though… shame I know). But yes Daine does not care for social interaction and all. She says what she thinks and acts as she thinks and I adore that!

I also might have a bit of a crush on Kaddar… The heir of the emperor is really more than meets the eye (no spoilers I KNOW!)

What bothered me a bit was Numair/Daine starting to become a bit more than master/student. Yes, I know it is logical but still (she would have been better with Kaddar…) I don’t really ship them together. I do like Numair but how she let Varice act around him is annoying.

Ho I forgot about the main great point : DINOSAURS! You know what’s great after dragons? Dinosaurs! And yes Daine sees a few of them I literally squealed on my chair while seeing this (a very fan girly squeal).

But yes the series is just getting better and better and I cannot believe that book four is already the end!  

Redwall review


(Cute little mouse in an Abbey)

Redwall (Book 1 of the Redwall series) by Brian Jacques

281954Rating : five stars

To be honest I am probably not objective at all for this review. Redwall was one of my favorite series as a child and I remember watching every episode of the animated series I even had the DVDs. Although the book series are darker and denser, it still brings back my childhood memories.

The first book of the Rewall series follows the story of a young mouse Matthias who lives in the Abbey of Redwall. The Abbey and the forest of Mossflower have to face the terrible threat of Cluny the Scrooge a war rat who destroys everything. But the Abbey is hiding a great weapon, the soul of Martin the Great a warrior mouse who had spent his last days in the Abbey. Matthias sets on a journey to reclaims Martin’s sword and save the Abbey.

Honestly the book was a lot darker than I remembered. In the animated series there were no graphic deaths whereas in the book it is a bit gorier. I seriously don’t remember reading theses passages as a child…. Perhaps a child doesn’t realise how horrible it is? Anyways, even the plot was as I remembered it and I still really loved it!

For those who have seen the animated series the plot is very similar, there are a few changes but overall there is no plot change not like A Song of Ice and Fire (Am I the only one frustrated with the changes in the TV shows?).

What I love about this series is that the characters are anthropomorphic, yeah you have talking mice, rats, sparrows, etc.,  but it’s not weird. In some books the whole talking animal feels not natural, but here they are behaving like humans and their animal characteristic are defining their personalities. In my opinion, the fact that they were animals were not very important except for explaining conflicts or personalities.

The book is very quick to read even for 300 something pages, chapters are very short and the story is very fast paced. There are no moments where nothing happens or like there is in some novels “filling moments” basically when a character goes from place A to place B or wants to gather information.

It is considered a Middle grade book but it can still be enjoyed by adults. It’s a good fantasy book and lighter than any epic fantasy book, it’s a good way to get back into reading to be honest. I will definitely reread the other books in the series but maybe not all of them xD

Random chichat and monthly manga review

Hello every one I hope you’re all good!

Today’s post is a bit of a mix because I started to reread the Sakura mangas and I wanted to abble a bit on Clamp.

But first I want to talk about the recent heat in France. Seriously, it’s been so hot recently that my trip to Alsace was so tiring, I didn’t even read during that week…. If you ever come to France and have some time to do more than Paris you should definitly go there. The food is good and the sceneries are beautiful. If you like to ride a bike there are a lot of tours to do and you can visit all the little village. Or, if you are more of a hiker like me there are a few trails, we went up one thet went through three castles (approximatively 13 km in total) Meiko was happy to be able to jump from rock to rock and he doesn’t have vertigo so he likes to stand near the edge of the trail and look at the valley (it scared me to death cause I was scared he would jump, trust me he is capable…).

Now that I rambled about our daily lives let’s jump into the reviews.


Recently they re-edited the manga series in France in these beautiful editions and I wanted to get back to Clamp so I gave in (fly away my moneeeeeyyy).


I am not going to give any rating for the Sakura mangas because I grew up with them so it will always be five stars for me. I you have never read Clamp I do not recommend starting with Sakura because it is very girly and can be seen as childish. It is the story of a middle grade schooler Sakura, who has opened the magical Clow book of cards and all the magical cards have escaped causing havoc in her town. Sakura has to retrieve the cards with her new magical powers. Bear in mind that Clamp are in fact four artists that love crossovers, so before you jump in get ready for a whole new level of inception!

One I absolutely recommend is Tsubasa Chronicles although they are a lot of volumes (28) the series is just amazing and the characters are great. It has some relations to the Sakura mangas because they are taking place in another dimension and the characters have the same name. It is also related to XXX Holic.

XXX Holic is another manga to check out but this one has links to almost all Clamp’s mangas, it is the story of Watanuki a high schooler who is suffering from bad luck who meets Yuko the owner of a shop who makes your wish comes true but with a price. It is an amzing manga and the ending is so sad it always makes me cry.

In relation to this one there is also Drug&Drop, currently on hiatus, similar to XXX Holic, this time it is the story of a drugstore who uses their two part timers to do odd magical jobs. It is one of my favourite.

I could mention Chobits, Kobato, Wish, RG Vega, X and all the others but I will reread the Sakura series so instead of boring you with me gushing on Sakura I will speak of other Clamp mangas. In fact if you squint your eyes they are all related lol.


I Love Spring Book Tag


(Meiko and I are enjoying our forest walks!)

Hey everyone! I thought that I’ll do a tag to celebrate Spring! I have no idea who created it I just stumbled upon it so all the credits to its rightful owner. Grab a mug and here we go!

1) How is Spring where you live?

Well, in Paris Sping is usually coming and going. Some weeks are hots and some weeks are cold. We get a lot of rain but towards May it’s pretty sunny. Recently it’s almost a Summer weather!

2) Most anticipated book release this Spring?

I have several the first one is the second book in the new Mark Lawrence trilogy Grey Sister then I saw that they were reprinting the Nightfall duology by Mickey Zucker Reichert which I always wanted to try and I am really anticipating The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood I heard it’s about dragon breeders!

Grey Sister The Nightfall Duology The Summer Dragon


3) Show us a book cover that makes you think of Spring.

The Complete Tales I love Beatrix Potter her books always make me think of Spring. Have you guys seen the movie? To be honest it was not the best but not the worst I’ve seen this year.

4) Where are you going to read this Spring?

WELL! That’s a though one, I have so many planned reads… I want to re start A Song of Ice and Fire because dear George lost me in book 4… I want to finish The Immortal series by Tamora Pierce and read Redwall by Brian Jack which is also a re read.

5) Find a cover with the sun on it!

33295675 The sun is there somwhere xD

6) What are your favorite Spring reads?

I don’t have any in particular… But mostly long fantasy series I found that I can read faster when Spring is here and I can enjoy my books outside in the shades (damn sun allergies).

7) Find a book with many different colors on it.


8) Whom do you tag?

It’s my first time tagging people lol but I will try xD so I tag




Of course you’re not forced to do it 😉

Hope you all enjoyed it and feel free to do it even if you are not tagged I will love to see your answers! See you next time for a review have a great week!