Necromancer strikes back (Sabriel)


rating: three stars

In short Sabriel is the story of a girl who goes on an adventure to rescue her father. To be more detailed, the girl, Sabriel is a necromancer. She just finished school when she learns that her father is trapped somewhere in death and has to go into the old kingdom to find his body and rescue him.

To be frank I had a hard time getting into the story manly because of Sabriel as a character, I did not care for her at all and most of the time she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  But now that I think about it, it’s only for the reader to get better into the Old Kingdom, because Sabriel don’t know much about it too. So the reader is in the same position she is, even more since the other side of the wall is actually a version of our modern world (they have electricity and running water). I think that’s what perplexed me at the beginning.

Yet! After you get past that stage it’s a good book. Even if I think Sabriel is not a well-developed character, the others are very interesting especially Mogget.

The plot in genral was okay I don’t have anything to say about it. It was logical and flowing so it was pretty good.

Aside from that what really bothered me was the world itself. They are no explanations on how it came to be divided as such and how one part gets electricity and the other gets magic. Yet magic can work across the wall… See the problem?

I did enjoy reading it but I might not read the other books because my favorite character was Touchstone and I don’t think he appears in Lireal..? Well I’ll see! For me it’s a good book, not one of my favorite but I think it’s still interesting. Usually for me to really like a book I need my dragons but this one was still great because seriously necromancer and walking dead? Still a good combo.

Also fun fact when you type “Sabriel” on Google the first results are not about the book, just make sure to put the author’s name xD or you will get swapped in the dark world of fanfiction!!!!! Beware!


A very christmasy review (Letters from Father Christmas)

Letters review

Hello humans!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I wish you the best for the year to come and lots of books to brighten your life!

So today I here to talk about a book, yes I am trying a new way of reviewing. I did not had the time to do a lot of comics so I will alternate between comics and written reviews with a drawing 😉 I am currently drawing several comics that I will post bimonthly and maybe do more standalone drawings and written reviews.

Okay enough chits chats!

So the book I wanted to talk about is Letters from Father Christmas by J. R. R. Tolkien.

You guys must know, I am a huge Tolkien fan and throughout December I tried to reread some of his books (and I’m still rereading the Hobbit). I had no idea this book existed until I saw it on the BookDepositery, and I thought it to be quite appropriate for December.

In a nutshell this book is the letter Tolkien wrote to his young children as Father Christmas. Now, you may think it as a simple epistolary novel, but no! It’s Tolkien we are talking about here! In fact the letters are mingling narrators between Father Christmas, the Great Polar Bear and later the elf assistant. I thought that this mix of voices in one letter was an excellent way to give a light and funny tone to them.

Moreover you can actually see them on the letter since they all have different hand writings. The letters are just stunning; I loved the way that Tolkien impersonated his characters through handwriting. There are also a few drawings (which I tried to imitate in style and failed horribly) that come with the letters and give another perspective of Tolkien as an author.

I think anyone should go check it out, even if you don’t like Tolkien because this is quite different from what he normally does even if there are some references to Hobbit or the man on the moon (Roverandom). It was really a cosy December read, great for Christmas! I just adored it!!!

The book is quite short thus the shorter review (HA HA! Yeah that was a laugh). If you have read it I would love to hear your opinion and I will see you for the next review!!! Bye!