Cats are back (New Prophecy review)

Warriors 2

WARNING! Spoiler for Warriors series one.

Rating for the three first books: 3.5 stars

Here I am with a new review on an Erin Hunter series. This one is the second Warriors series, The New Prophecy. I only read the three first books Midnight, Moonrise and Dawn.

First I must said I was a bit disappointed with the first two books because of how Firestar changed in just a book, I don’t it’s something that I felt.

Now I cannot talk only of Firestar because the lead character is no longer him. In fact there are several, the four prophecy cats and Firestar’s daughters. That is something I really liked, the fact that several characters are important, it’s more diverse in a way. I really liked Brambleclaw he is a great cat and an interesting character since he has to live with the fact that he is Tigerstar’s son and Firestar’s doubts on his loyalty.

Somehow, for me, the fact that cats from different clans come together is a bit a copy of the last book of the first series until I read book three. Actually even at the end of book two. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder WHY!!!! Why do they need to be divided especially in times of hardship… I think it needs to be explained not just with the sentence “There were always four clans”.

Now! The hardship here is human destroying the forest, and I just thought how accurate it is, I mean how much species are endangered because of our stupid methods to try to control nature. I am a bit disappointed in the fact that Erin Hunter didn’t try to find another solution than the one of the prophecy because she could have come with an epic way to preserve the forest.

Something else that disturbed me was the way kitty pet are coming in the story, they feel a bit like the characters in epic fantasy books that are helping but not taking part in the actual battle. I already said it for the Warriors review, but I’m a bit disappointed that they don’t have a bigger place in the story but I think that the manga concentrate on that. If you want to read the manga it takes place after Dawn but contains spoilers.

I’m not sure if I will continue the series, I kind of want to continue Survivors and read Seekers after that. But we will see!


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