My Salinger Year review

my salinger year

(sorry for the image quality….. watercolor and my camera are at war at the moment, we might reach a peace settlement for the next review xD)

My Salinger Year review:

Rating: five stars 😀

I am not one to read contemporary fiction, mostly because it bores me to death. Well, I gladly broke that rule for this book.

I have to say that I never plan on buying this book, it was given to me. First I thought ‘ugh contemporary….’ But I always give a chance to every book I own. So I started this book with no real expectations.

And it turned out great.

It is the autobiographical memoirs of Joanna Rakoff when she was working for the Agency, an editing house intermediate. She has the job of assisting the boss while answering letters from J.D.Salinger fans and sometimes reading some manuscripts.

I was very interested in her experience since I myself would like to work for an editing house. But even if you don’t want to, I think you can still commiserate with the characters.

Joanna is in that period of life when you are an adult but not sure where you are fitting in. This time frame when you are going through motions and starting to realize that maybe everything around you is wrong and you need a change.

I think that year was important for the character as a transitional year, a year to know what you want and perhaps found yourself. It may sound a bit cheesy but it is the simplest way to put it down.

It is very short but it has a big impact, by this I don’t mean its life changing, but it gets you emotional and you might think, ‘hey I actually know what she is going through’. I believe anyone can relate to what is happening in this book even without the whole bookish background that I loved.

Of course I couldn’t talk about this book without saying a word on Salinger. I never read any of his books. There I said it. I knew about them because of the whole John Lennon thing but I never tried. I guess I was curious but I always remembered it was a trigger for acting out. And we’re all scared of acting out. But enough about that. In this book J.D. Salinger has a central place without being here all the time and I think that’s great. It represents the weight of literature on your life or of certain authors, something everyone can relate to.


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  1. E.S. Nielsen dit :

    Sounds like an interesting read. I shall check it out.


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