The Joy of Christmas Booktag!


Hey guys! I thought it would be a good idea to do a countdown to Christmas with a few Christmas tag! So here is the first one!

Original tag was created by Samatha from Sam’s Nonsense

1)Anticipation: The Christmas excitement is real, what book release(s) are you most anticipating?

I’m not really sure because I really need to catch up on some series… But I guess the next Game of Throne’s book is the closest thing that comes to mind. I really want to know how it ends and I clearly need to catch up on the series because I’m on book four so I missed quite a bit.

2)Christmas Songs & Carols: What book or author can you not help but sing it’s praises?

That’s not hard, it’s my favorite French author Henri Loevenbruck. He is considered to be the next Umberto Eco in France and he has a variety of genres from fantasy to detective and I think his last one was purely fiction (not sure because I have not read it for some reason it is hard to find). There’s also Mark Lawrence because seriously nothing is better than the Broken Empire trilogy, the world building and the characterization are really great and I think it’s far better than some overhyped fantasy books that are merely as good.

As for dead authors well classics like Tolkien, Agatha Christie, Alexandre Dumas and Jane Austen because they are the ones who got me into reading. I think founding figures of genres like they are always hover on the shoulder of an author when he’s writing.

3) Gingerbread Houses: What book or series has wonderful world building?

Well a lot of fantasy series has great world building so that question is pretty hard….  I guess the last one I read with really a great world building was Here there be dragons.

4) A Christmas Carol: Favorite classic or one that you want to read

I cannot choose only one favorite classic so I’m going to go with one I want to read and that is Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. People always talk about Shakespeare, Dickens or Jane Austen (not that they are all great) and I wanted something less hyped and on the Middle Ages. So I hope I will really like it!

5) Christmas Sweets: What book would you love to receive for Christmas

Probably one of the books on my TBR…. Or a history book because they are great for my researches but super expensive… But besides that I don’t really have any specific ideas.

6) Candles in the Window: What book gives you that warm fuzzy feeling?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen! Every single time I read it I have those warm feeling and I feel “at home”. The same thing happens with The Hobbit.

7) Christmas Trees & Decorations: What are some of your favorite book covers?

Any Tolkien book covers by Harper Collins. But to diverse my reading spectrum (yes I know I speak a lot about Tolkien) probably the Discworld’s book I love the art that they used and I think it sticks perfectly to the novels.

8) Christmas Joy: What are some of your favorite things about Christmas And/Or some of your favorite Christmas memories?

I have a confession to make. I do not like Christmas. No really I don’t. I love Disneyland Christmas or decorating a tree (with geeky ornaments and of course nothing too red or that reminds me too much of Christmas). But besides that I found it depressing and stressful. I do enjoy the vacations though and seeing my family and also curling by the fireplace under a blanket with a mug of tea and a good book.

So that’s it for this tag! I hope you’ll enjoy it  and sorry for the lack of art, the next one should be more artsy!


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