Here There be Dragons book 1 review

Here there be dragons by James A. Owen


Rating: 5 stars!!!! 😀

I adored this book! Seriously it’s been a long time since I was so hooked on a series. I almost read it in one sitting (all for sleep….).

The world itself mixes different mythologies and cultures together to create a world parallel to our own yet both are influencing each other. First when characters are entering the Archipelago they come across Avalon as an introduction to all the myth presents. I mean Arthurian retelling are part of the most popular out there, I was scared that it would be once again concentrating on Arthur but no! It actually shifts pretty fast from one culture to another and even to legends one might not know.

I also love how languages come into the plot as a crucial point. In my studies I have studied Old and Middle English, Latin, Middle French amongst other language and sometimes I do ask myself “Why, why should I learn a language no one speaks anymore?” Besides for my studies of course, everyone can relate to John and slack a bit when it comes to learn declensions from Latin (rosa, rosa, rosam….. it never gets old….) but see now I might pay more attention to it xD since it can help me save a world of mythology and legends.

It takes place during the WWI in London, well first in London. It is explained that the war is due to the events happening in the Archipelago. I think it’s an interesting way to show how legends influence our lives, even when you study history you realize how they have an impact and not only in Antiquity but in medieval and modern times too. I really enjoyed that explanation for what happens in our world.

As for characters, I am pleased to say I loved them ALL! (And that’s pretty rare of me). They were snarky and cynic; the dialogues are especially really well done and always tend to have a dash of humor. And now that I think about it I don’t even have a favorite in the entire crew…. See how great I thought the book was? I just want to mention Tummeler and how his character first reminded me of animals in Narnia and now that I’ve seen his relation to Charles and read the end it makes so much more sense! (Nope no spoilers I swear!)

Now of course I need to talk about the dragons and more particularly about the dragonships, since there is only one dragon present in this book, Samaranth. As for dragons they are not really “original” I mean Samaranth can be related to other dragons in other books. By that I mean that they are compliant with the idea one has of dragon (old, wise but not always telling everything and of course looking down on humans). As for the ships I thought it was a great idea to integrate dragons to them and make them “more alive”.

I’ll quickly mention the drawings that were gorgeous and made the reading even more pleasant. I always love to see how an author portrays his own characters.

The plot itself is rather simple, at first, three men are chosen to carry a map and save the Archipelago from the Winter King. But the plot twists seriously!!!! Ho and at the end (no I will resist the urge to spoil the end) I was almost yelling the fangirl very mature yell.

All that being said you will all understand the very good rating and I cannot wait to read the rest of the seven books!!! Make sure to check it out, it is really worth it!


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