La Louve et L’Enfant review

La Louve et L’enfant (La Moira tome 1) By  Henri Loevenbruck


Rating: four stars ^^

I always loved this author but never had the occasion to read his fantasy series but I think they were republished recently so yeah to that ^^.

So this first book is the instalment of the trilogy. In this book we meet the main character Alea and a wolf named Imala while this book doesn’t really dwell on that their destiny seems linked. Alea is a young outcast who suddenly comes across a cadaver buried in the sand. The cadaver bears a ring which Alea takes for herself and is suddenly graced with strange powers. Thus starts her adventures.

I am not going to spoil too much of the plot but I found it good, it has a lot of fantasy tropes but I still liked it. I might say that the action was a little bit too quick and sometimes I was clearly wondering if Alea was not the daughter of Flash xD But it was an essential part of the narration to describe the chasse between Alea and the bad guys. Yet, sometimes they just reach a place and don’t stay hence descriptions are quite quick and you don’t really have the time to get attached to a place.

Alea was a good character but I wish there was more on Imala and wolves but I think they will be more developed in the next books. Also I found it great that druids have a great part in this book, it is something I realised recently but druids are not as common as before in the fantasy genre, they have a sort of two-face things going on here and I love when characters are complicated. However, for some reason the little group sounded a bit like the start of an RPG game. “So there was our joyful company with a child, a druid, a bard, a dwarf and a paladin …” xD or at least a good fantasy joke. But the group is very dynamic together and I came to love their quarrels and dialogues.

I honestly really liked this book, and not only because I am a big fan of the author, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second one!!


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