Easter Booktag!


(My dogs are joining me to wish you all a happy chocolate hunt along with an unamed bunny…)

So yes I thought I could celebrate Easter with a tag!!! This one was created by Rosie the Reader on booktube. Let us see the all mighty questions!!!

Rabbits – A book that you wish would multiply – So a book you want a sequel to (that doesn’t have one)

So easy!!! The last series I read, which I hope is incomplete and will have a new book soon, aka the  Caeli-Amur series by Rjurik Davidson (thank god I am not a booktuber I have no idea how to pronounce his name T-T). As you can all probably deduce from the review of the first book and the one coming up next week of the second book, it is by far the best 2016 revelation in fantasy for me. The writing style is really good, as is the world building and I just adore his characters (well… except Max but that’s another story). So there are currently two books Unwrapped Sky and The stars Askew and I hope there will be a third one!!! (please, please, please with BB8 on top)

Egg – A book that surprised you

I think that it was more the fact that I liked it which surprised me, because I don’t read that much contemporary and it is The readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald. It is the story of Sara who arrives in this small town in the US, all the way from Sweden to meet her pen pal Anny. But the day she arrives, Anny died. Sara still decides to stay in the small town and even opens a bookshop.

Hunt – A book that was hard for you to get your hands on

Let’s be honest nowadays with Amazon, BookDepositery, Abebooks and bookshops it is pretty easy to get a book and in the edition you like. But of course that is only true for fiction… Sadly, historians will know the struggle, history books are not that easy to find at a decent price and in the newest edition. The last one which gave me a nervous breakdown, I had to read it for my dissertation, I won’t bore you with the details since it’s a book in French and concerning the Library of the Duke of Berry.

Lambs – A children’s book that you still enjoy

I have almost not a lot of memory of children’s literature, because I read teen fiction quite early. But if I think very hard it would be Beatrix Potter’s Complete Tales. I used to love them as a kind and I reread them recently and it is as good as I remember.

Spring – A book with a cover that makes you think of spring

To be honest I don’t have one in particular… But any cozy-mystery cover works 😉

Jesus – A religious or spiritual book that you love

I don’t read that many spiritual books…. Well I did read some from the Middle Ages because of my studies so I will cheat and pick The Book of Margery Kempe. She was a woman who believed she had illuminations and tried to act as a mystic from the Christ and wrote a book about it. But she mixes up everything and her dreams are retelling of what she learned. I had to do an oral on this book and I had so much fun preparing it.

Rising from the dead – A book from a deceased author

THE HOBBIT! Because this book seems to appear in every tag I do xD and it works 😛

Baskets – A book that is in your amazon cart or wish list right now

Ho I have so many… As the quote from I-don’t-remember-who says “So many books, so little time…. But recently I added Joust by Mercedes Lackey. I don’t know much about this book except that it is written by one of my favorite authors xD and that it has dragons while mixing Ancient Egypt culture and Atlantis. Basically it was made for me xD

Candy – A book that is sweet

Sweet as in tooth rotting fluff? Or sweet as in cooing after a puppy? (Not the same you know!). Hm I don’t know…. Probably The Fire Within (book 1 of The Last Dragon Chronicles) by Chris D’Lancey. I read this a while ago but I remember it being sweet.

Peeps – Tag people

I tag anyone who wants to do it ^^


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