Theft of Swords review

Hey guys! I am finally back and with a review!!! My dissertation/thesis is done,printed,  graded xD I am finally good to go back to reviewing once perhaps twice a week 😉

Theft of swords

(my version of Royce xD for the next book I will do Hadrian ;))

Theft of swords  (Book 1 of the Ryiria Revelations) by Michael J. Sullivan

10790290rating: five stars 😀

Royce and Hadrian are two thieves. Under the name of Ryiria, they are well known and used by the noble society of Essenhadon. After a difficult case of stolen letters, they are contacted by a mysterious noble. He is in a pretty pickle as one would say, since he has to face a duel against count Pickering for having looked too long at the count’s wife. The count is a well-known swordsman and has only lost one battle because he didn’t have his lucky sword. His request is as follow: Royce and Hadrian are to steel the sword of cont Pickering and make it reappear after their duel. A simple and well paid task, the thieves agreed even with the little preperation they facedd. However things get complicated once they are founded on the king’s murder scene, while seqrchong for the sword, and accused of his assassinatin.

One simple word: GREAT.

The writting is excellent. It uses every trope of a fantasy book but made them even better so you have the impression of reading something new. The world building is also amazing, just the history and myths around the main plot are very interesting. In a way it could be compared to a Game of Thrones, in the sense that history has a great role to play. The plot sounded really like your usual fantasy story, especially with thieves, but it is so much more and it gets better chapter by chapters. It twists and turns in a way you will never imagine.

But the best part of this book was the characters. I have to say I am this close to say « screw the dissertation, I need book two to read more Royce and Hadrian banter. They are hilrious together! A good team is what makes the best fantasy books. They are definitevely what moves the story and even secondary characters. Okay prince Alaric is a bastard (not in the blood/family ties way ;)) but he gets better! I do have a special love for princess Arista and Myrion the monk.

Michael J. Sullivan even uses Middle English *.* because Ezra the old magician has been in prison for thousands of years thus his speech is quite Shakesperian. Also he is an intelligent literary device to explain what happened in the past as is Myron for folklore. In a nutshell Esra is a history teacher and I can’t tell too much about him without spoilers.

I do have to warn anyone who wants to read this book, it is huge, as are the two next in the series, but you get so engrossed in the story that it passes without any efforts!


2 commentaires sur “Theft of Swords review

  1. Bookstooge dit :

    Have you read his Riyria Chronicles books yet? If you haven’t, they’re just as good as the Revelations series…


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