Redwall review


(Cute little mouse in an Abbey)

Redwall (Book 1 of the Redwall series) by Brian Jacques

281954Rating : five stars

To be honest I am probably not objective at all for this review. Redwall was one of my favorite series as a child and I remember watching every episode of the animated series I even had the DVDs. Although the book series are darker and denser, it still brings back my childhood memories.

The first book of the Rewall series follows the story of a young mouse Matthias who lives in the Abbey of Redwall. The Abbey and the forest of Mossflower have to face the terrible threat of Cluny the Scrooge a war rat who destroys everything. But the Abbey is hiding a great weapon, the soul of Martin the Great a warrior mouse who had spent his last days in the Abbey. Matthias sets on a journey to reclaims Martin’s sword and save the Abbey.

Honestly the book was a lot darker than I remembered. In the animated series there were no graphic deaths whereas in the book it is a bit gorier. I seriously don’t remember reading theses passages as a child…. Perhaps a child doesn’t realise how horrible it is? Anyways, even the plot was as I remembered it and I still really loved it!

For those who have seen the animated series the plot is very similar, there are a few changes but overall there is no plot change not like A Song of Ice and Fire (Am I the only one frustrated with the changes in the TV shows?).

What I love about this series is that the characters are anthropomorphic, yeah you have talking mice, rats, sparrows, etc.,  but it’s not weird. In some books the whole talking animal feels not natural, but here they are behaving like humans and their animal characteristic are defining their personalities. In my opinion, the fact that they were animals were not very important except for explaining conflicts or personalities.

The book is very quick to read even for 300 something pages, chapters are very short and the story is very fast paced. There are no moments where nothing happens or like there is in some novels “filling moments” basically when a character goes from place A to place B or wants to gather information.

It is considered a Middle grade book but it can still be enjoyed by adults. It’s a good fantasy book and lighter than any epic fantasy book, it’s a good way to get back into reading to be honest. I will definitely reread the other books in the series but maybe not all of them xD


Random chichat and monthly manga review

Hello every one I hope you’re all good!

Today’s post is a bit of a mix because I started to reread the Sakura mangas and I wanted to abble a bit on Clamp.

But first I want to talk about the recent heat in France. Seriously, it’s been so hot recently that my trip to Alsace was so tiring, I didn’t even read during that week…. If you ever come to France and have some time to do more than Paris you should definitly go there. The food is good and the sceneries are beautiful. If you like to ride a bike there are a lot of tours to do and you can visit all the little village. Or, if you are more of a hiker like me there are a few trails, we went up one thet went through three castles (approximatively 13 km in total) Meiko was happy to be able to jump from rock to rock and he doesn’t have vertigo so he likes to stand near the edge of the trail and look at the valley (it scared me to death cause I was scared he would jump, trust me he is capable…).

Now that I rambled about our daily lives let’s jump into the reviews.


Recently they re-edited the manga series in France in these beautiful editions and I wanted to get back to Clamp so I gave in (fly away my moneeeeeyyy).


I am not going to give any rating for the Sakura mangas because I grew up with them so it will always be five stars for me. I you have never read Clamp I do not recommend starting with Sakura because it is very girly and can be seen as childish. It is the story of a middle grade schooler Sakura, who has opened the magical Clow book of cards and all the magical cards have escaped causing havoc in her town. Sakura has to retrieve the cards with her new magical powers. Bear in mind that Clamp are in fact four artists that love crossovers, so before you jump in get ready for a whole new level of inception!

One I absolutely recommend is Tsubasa Chronicles although they are a lot of volumes (28) the series is just amazing and the characters are great. It has some relations to the Sakura mangas because they are taking place in another dimension and the characters have the same name. It is also related to XXX Holic.

XXX Holic is another manga to check out but this one has links to almost all Clamp’s mangas, it is the story of Watanuki a high schooler who is suffering from bad luck who meets Yuko the owner of a shop who makes your wish comes true but with a price. It is an amzing manga and the ending is so sad it always makes me cry.

In relation to this one there is also Drug&Drop, currently on hiatus, similar to XXX Holic, this time it is the story of a drugstore who uses their two part timers to do odd magical jobs. It is one of my favourite.

I could mention Chobits, Kobato, Wish, RG Vega, X and all the others but I will reread the Sakura series so instead of boring you with me gushing on Sakura I will speak of other Clamp mangas. In fact if you squint your eyes they are all related lol.


I Love Spring Book Tag


(Meiko and I are enjoying our forest walks!)

Hey everyone! I thought that I’ll do a tag to celebrate Spring! I have no idea who created it I just stumbled upon it so all the credits to its rightful owner. Grab a mug and here we go!

1) How is Spring where you live?

Well, in Paris Sping is usually coming and going. Some weeks are hots and some weeks are cold. We get a lot of rain but towards May it’s pretty sunny. Recently it’s almost a Summer weather!

2) Most anticipated book release this Spring?

I have several the first one is the second book in the new Mark Lawrence trilogy Grey Sister then I saw that they were reprinting the Nightfall duology by Mickey Zucker Reichert which I always wanted to try and I am really anticipating The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood I heard it’s about dragon breeders!

Grey Sister The Nightfall Duology The Summer Dragon


3) Show us a book cover that makes you think of Spring.

The Complete Tales I love Beatrix Potter her books always make me think of Spring. Have you guys seen the movie? To be honest it was not the best but not the worst I’ve seen this year.

4) Where are you going to read this Spring?

WELL! That’s a though one, I have so many planned reads… I want to re start A Song of Ice and Fire because dear George lost me in book 4… I want to finish The Immortal series by Tamora Pierce and read Redwall by Brian Jack which is also a re read.

5) Find a cover with the sun on it!

33295675 The sun is there somwhere xD

6) What are your favorite Spring reads?

I don’t have any in particular… But mostly long fantasy series I found that I can read faster when Spring is here and I can enjoy my books outside in the shades (damn sun allergies).

7) Find a book with many different colors on it.


8) Whom do you tag?

It’s my first time tagging people lol but I will try xD so I tag




Of course you’re not forced to do it 😉

Hope you all enjoyed it and feel free to do it even if you are not tagged I will love to see your answers! See you next time for a review have a great week!


So I’ve been to see the movie and I waited to post this because it was not out anywhere and Thanos said no spoilers. Honestly after the movie you’re a bit scared of him lol.

I still cannot say if I really enjoyed it or if I cry until my tear canals were dry. Seriously, after the movie my friend was talking to me and I couldn’t speak… Every geek in the world will need therapy after seeing that.

As you all probably know the infinity stones were the main link between the entire Marvel franchise and I was expecting a lot from that movie. In a nutshell Thanos wants to gather all infinity stones to have complete powers over the universe and whip out half of the population of every planet so we could live in a better universe.

Yep he is pretty megalomaniac and dangerous. And after Ultron, it’s good to see a scary villain. I mean Ultron he was not scary at all in the movies, the era of Ultron should be renamed the two and half days of Ultron….

I was afraid that with that many characters into one movie it will be too much at once. We have Captain America, Bucky, Black Widow, Black Panther (with Shuri and his war general and let’s not forget the chief of the mountain tribe if you have not seen Black Panther GO SEE IT), Falcon, Vision, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Iron Man, Dr Strange, Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Starlord, Gamorra, Drax, Rocket Racoon, Groot, Mantis etc.

So a lot of characters but it was okay and for once there were not too many scenes with Iron Man! (Yes I hate him). They divided them into small teams which made it easier to manage in my opinion. And the teams were awesome, seriously Rocket and Thor I was totally on board with that. Dr Strange and Iron Man? Two Sherlocks and egomaniac intellectuals together it was a bit easy if you know what I mean.

 I was also happy that Black Panther romantic interest in the last movie, whoever her name was she was not Storm. I am sorry but he should be with Storm she is his wife and they are the strongest of Marvel couples! And yes I am aware their wedding was annulled because Marvel loves to mix up universes and to destroy the best couples (Jean and Wolverine….) and keep the annoying ones (Iron Man and Mrs Pepper Pott).

Rant over back to the movie. Spoilers ahead beware!

What we were all hoping for, a conversation between Captain and Iron Man never happened, they did not speak to each other in the entire movie. The only awkward conversation we have was when Hulk and Natasha met again.

By the way, Antman and Hawkeye were planned for the movie but we don’t see them at all… Perhaps in part 2….

And I cannot wait for the next Infinity war movie because there will be Miss Marvel ! Finally! For those of you wondering it’s her logo that Nick Fury calls in the last post movie scene. What I am not anticipating at all is the upcoming Antman movie with an annoying character to come the Wasp… And you know who is casted? YES TAURIEL! She is back! And I am really afraid of her portrayal… To be honest Tauriel, Rose and T’Challa’s girlfriend are female characters I wish they could just disappear.  But that is a debate for another time.

Have you guys seen the movie yet? Did you enjoy it?

Fire Rose Review



Fire Rose (Elemental Masters series volume 0) by Mercedes Lackey

176881Rating: four stars

Rose Hawkins is in a dire situation. Her father died leaving her with debts and family conflicts, she has no other options than to take a job as a governess. What a coincidence, Lord Jason Cameron is looking for one! But as she travels to San Francisco she discovers that her new job is more mysterious than first meets the eyes and her new boss very secretive.

This is the first book in the Elemental series by Mercedes Lackey and can be read as a standalone. I think that the entire series can be read as standalones. It is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I was disappointed because the Beast in this book lost all his “cruel, violent and beastly” characteristics and only is characterized as such because of his appearance (werewolf) but he is not treating Rose bad or anything. I can’t help but compare it with the original story (not the Disney one, the French version) and to Heart’s Blood by Juliette Marillier.

In fact there are a lot of similarities between Fire Rose and Heart’s Blood, plot wise and character wise and they are drifting apart from the original story…. It’s not a bad thing in itself but it feels like there is a subgenre in Beauty and the Beast retelling were the “Belle” is a scholar and is hired to work for the Beast. This actually softens the “Beast” part and completely ignores the fact that in the original story he kidnapped her…

Enough ranting lol. You all know by now my love for Mercedes Lackey. I do admit it I am a fan and sometimes not really objective on her works. I do admit that some of her books are greatly better than others and this one is in the middle. It is only good.

To be honest I did enjoy it because of the characters they were very deep. Paul du Mond especially he is a hateful character and the author made him so that you hate him right from the beginning.

Although it is not my favorite book from her I still fairly enjoyed it and it is a good change from the Valdemar series.

Broken Pride review

Bravelands 1.jpg

(Yep this is the drawing that held my attention for about a month because I could not get it right somehow…. It’s at the beginning of the book so if you read it you know what the scene is 😉 )

Broken Pride (Bravelands series book 1) by Erin Hunter

33295675Rating :five stars

The newest Erin Hunter series finally!!!! I am a huge fan of Erin Hunter’s work, as a kid I was reading the warriors series and I also loved the Survivor series although I have not got my hands on Seekers yet.

This new series follows three animals from the savannah a lion, a baboon and an elephant. All three have joint destinies and have to face some changes in the savannah.

If you are familiar with her works, you probably know that they (yes Erin Hunter is in fact a group of female authors) likes to include animal mythologies in their stories. In fact religion (if you can call it as such) is always a centre part of how animals are acting. Personally I think it is a metaphor for their instincts. 😉

What did I not love in this book? Well, nothing! I was growing tired with the Warrior series and I don’t think I will read the last series (seriously I am getting a bit lost with all the new characters and such…. But I am still reading the new companion’s books) and this one is a breath of fresh air.

I couldn’t help myself but see some similarities with the Lion King, I don’t know if it is wanted or not but the lion’s story is very similar to Simba’s. Or maybe I am just a huge Disney fan who sees Disney references everywhere.

If you are new to Erin Hunter’s books you should, they are middle grade anthropomorphic books but awesome. I think you can start by whichever series you like but bear in mind that if you get hooked on the Warriors series there are loads of books to read!

Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda review

Simon vs hsa.jpg

(Simon is so damn cute…. I have to admit I did this drawing very quickly because I was caught up with my Braveland drawing (you will see it in the next review) so this one was pretty fast. Also ferry wheeles are hard to draw in details T-T)

Simon VS the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

19547856Rating: five stars

Simon Spier is gay, and no one knows it.

Honestly I ate that book up like a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day (we all do this!). It was adorable and gave me happy feels. It’s been awhile since I’ve been that invested in a contemporary book, mostly because I don’t like books that are about daily lives, it annoys me or saddens me. A friend wanted to go see the movie so when I heard there was a book I couldn’t resist.

To be honest I was a bit put off first because I don’t believe in love online, I feel that you cannot build a very strong connection but I guess in this case it is different since both Simon and Blue have no one to talk to.

I do understand the hype around this book. It is sweet and fast paced; I mean I almost read it in one sitting. Even so, I do not think I will read the other books in the same series (Well it’s not a series they can be read separately but they are set in the same setting only it focuses on Simon’s friends). Still I highly recommend anyone to check it out !