Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda review

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(Simon is so damn cute…. I have to admit I did this drawing very quickly because I was caught up with my Braveland drawing (you will see it in the next review) so this one was pretty fast. Also ferry wheeles are hard to draw in details T-T)

Simon VS the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

19547856Rating: five stars

Simon Spier is gay, and no one knows it.

Honestly I ate that book up like a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day (we all do this!). It was adorable and gave me happy feels. It’s been awhile since I’ve been that invested in a contemporary book, mostly because I don’t like books that are about daily lives, it annoys me or saddens me. A friend wanted to go see the movie so when I heard there was a book I couldn’t resist.

To be honest I was a bit put off first because I don’t believe in love online, I feel that you cannot build a very strong connection but I guess in this case it is different since both Simon and Blue have no one to talk to.

I do understand the hype around this book. It is sweet and fast paced; I mean I almost read it in one sitting. Even so, I do not think I will read the other books in the same series (Well it’s not a series they can be read separately but they are set in the same setting only it focuses on Simon’s friends). Still I highly recommend anyone to check it out !


The Suicide Shop review


(Alan and his contagious smile :D)

The Suicide Shop by Jean Teulé

2796617Rating : Five stars

The Tuvache family is running a shop, a very special one. It specializes in accessories and weapons to kill yourself, everything to leave this world in the best fashion! The Tuvache are a family very depressed and they like to be this way. It helps for the shop you see and for the customers. But their youngest, Alan, is not like them. Always smiling, making noises or running he is the epitome of happiness.

I adored this book!!!!  It’s cynical, comical and heartwarming as well; a bundle of emotions that put together can only result in greatness!

Alan is the little black sheep of his family and tries to make them realize that life is something you have to like and live. He also shows that life worm itself even in depressed people you just have to push it a little bit.

This book is seriously the best self-help book you could ever read. It does not gives you any miracle way to be happy, it just tells you that living your life with a smile is the best way to be happy and help others to be happy.

Crenshaw review


(I have to admit seeing your imaginary friend with a surf board must be pretty cool)

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

23310699Rating: three stars

Jackson is an intelligent boy who wishes to be a zoologist. Jackson has a lot of questions and a lot of worries that should not be for his age. His family is facing some financial difficulties and they have to leave their home. Suddenly, the night before they depart, his old imaginary friend comes back.

Weirdly this book was called Skiddy in french and not  Crenshaw, I still haven’t figured out why….

I was pleasantly surprised by this book; I originally picked it up because the cover was great, but it has a lot more feels to it than the cover let you think. The plot is a little bit disjointed because the flashbacks are mixed with the present. But once you figure out what is happening it flows.

I really liked the idea of imaginary friends coming back when children need it and also that they all wait somewhere for you. I think this book will be perfect for middle graders but as an adult it missed something. I mean it was good but it was a weird mix of children preoccupations and adult’s ones, it could have been good but I am not sure if children would get the entire psychological spectrum behind it.

Agatha Raisin review

agatha raisin

(and we are back with the drawings after two posts without any 😉 )

The Quiche of Death (Agatha Raisin series #1) by M.C. Beaton

139176 rating: four stars

Agatha Raisin is a successful PR who decides to retire early. Her dream was to buy a cottage in the village of Carsley, far away from civilization. Her great ego in hand, she is sure that she will be fitting in. Yet the villagers are somehow wary of her and don’t really accept her. Agatha takes the matter in hands and decides to participate in the local quiche competition. But little did she know that she would be accused of the murder of the judge with her spinach quiche…

Agatha Raisin is a classic cozy-mystery series. Right on the line with Agatha Christies’ books, it is pretty famous and I had to try it since I have been praising the genre. I actually converted a lot of people to read Agatha Raisin since I started this book because it was so good.

It is witty, funny and well written. It gives you all the warm feelings you can have with a warm cup of tea. The character of Agatha is awesome; she is an independent woman who gets what she wants and is awesome that way.

Even the mystery itself is well wrapped. What I like about cozy mysteries is that the murders are not gruesome. I mean there are clear descriptions of how people die but it is not as creepy or disgusting as in thrillers. Moreover the atmosphere stays light and cozy which is the best way to escape after a hard day at work.

I also need to mention the Sky series of Agatha Raisin. It follows the books but not in order (except for the first one) so you can watch the series and still enjoy the books. It reminded me of a French TV show based on Agatha Christies’ work pretty popular in France, it has the same atmosphere. I did binge watch the Sky series and I must say it is good, not great, but good in the sense that it is entertaining and relaxing.

I might read the next books in the series (perhaps not all of them because they are a lot of them) but do tell me if you are interested in more Agatha Raisin’s review ^^

Chistmasaurus review


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Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher

Rating : five stars

As you all can see, no art for this review. Why? Well just open this book, the art inside is just gorgeous and I didn’t want to try and do the same and fail LOL.

This book follows William a young man in a wheelchair. William leaves with his father and is being hazed at school by the new girl. Deprived of friends and very sad, William sends a Christmas letter asking for a dinosaur. In the North Pole, before Christmas, Santa’s elves find an egg in the ice and bring it back to Santa. Once hatched they discover that it contained a dinosaur.

I will stop here because honestly since it is a middle grade book you can probably tell how it’s going to go BUT it is so damn well written. I just thought that mixing Christmas and dinosaurs was a pretty darn good idea. I was at work when we opened the box containing these babies and I had to get it right after that. My first reaction was to flip through it and discover the amazing art inside!

Anyone can read this book but if you consider buying it for a child I think 8-10 years would be the smallest age for this book. Of course you can read it to smaller ones but I don’t know…

What’s your favorite Christmas book? Do you have any recommendations? Comment down below if you want and until next time !

Aristotle and Dante review

Ari and Dante

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe

Benjamin Alire Saenz

Rating: four stars

*Spoiler Free*

I am probably the last person on earth to read this book. I did want to read it when it came out but I’m always cautious of overhyped books a bit like Carry On. So I waited for the hype to die down and read diverse reviews before finally reading it. And oh my! This book deserved all the hype it got!

I know everyone knows about the plot but I’m still going to describe it a little. It is the story of a teenage boy, Aristotle, who is going through the hardship of growing up. Ari is quite the loner and has several issues. He meets Dante another teenager and both start to share an unlikely friendship.

The great force of this book was the characters; each of them had a very distinct personality and they were all very interesting. Ari and Dante’s friendship is unveiling in front of our eyes (and developing into something more) and we see how hard/easy it is to trust a friend when you’re a loner. It also impacts on their family and leads to some harsh truth being said.

I am not going to dwell too much on the plot because I think it’s a book you have to discover on your own but I will say that it is not as light hearted as the blurb announces it. It is one of the best YA book I’ve read so far, it had a lot of feels and themes that are interesting. Usually these themes are not well dealt with in YA novels because the stories tend to focus on the relationship between the two main characters and they blur everything happening in the background. But here we have no plot holes (which is always frustrating).

Overall it is a beautiful book that anyone should read!

My Salinger Year review

my salinger year

(sorry for the image quality….. watercolor and my camera are at war at the moment, we might reach a peace settlement for the next review xD)

My Salinger Year review:

Rating: five stars 😀

I am not one to read contemporary fiction, mostly because it bores me to death. Well, I gladly broke that rule for this book.

I have to say that I never plan on buying this book, it was given to me. First I thought ‘ugh contemporary….’ But I always give a chance to every book I own. So I started this book with no real expectations.

And it turned out great.

It is the autobiographical memoirs of Joanna Rakoff when she was working for the Agency, an editing house intermediate. She has the job of assisting the boss while answering letters from J.D.Salinger fans and sometimes reading some manuscripts.

I was very interested in her experience since I myself would like to work for an editing house. But even if you don’t want to, I think you can still commiserate with the characters.

Joanna is in that period of life when you are an adult but not sure where you are fitting in. This time frame when you are going through motions and starting to realize that maybe everything around you is wrong and you need a change.

I think that year was important for the character as a transitional year, a year to know what you want and perhaps found yourself. It may sound a bit cheesy but it is the simplest way to put it down.

It is very short but it has a big impact, by this I don’t mean its life changing, but it gets you emotional and you might think, ‘hey I actually know what she is going through’. I believe anyone can relate to what is happening in this book even without the whole bookish background that I loved.

Of course I couldn’t talk about this book without saying a word on Salinger. I never read any of his books. There I said it. I knew about them because of the whole John Lennon thing but I never tried. I guess I was curious but I always remembered it was a trigger for acting out. And we’re all scared of acting out. But enough about that. In this book J.D. Salinger has a central place without being here all the time and I think that’s great. It represents the weight of literature on your life or of certain authors, something everyone can relate to.