Fire Rose Review



Fire Rose (Elemental Masters series volume 0) by Mercedes Lackey

176881Rating: four stars

Rose Hawkins is in a dire situation. Her father died leaving her with debts and family conflicts, she has no other options than to take a job as a governess. What a coincidence, Lord Jason Cameron is looking for one! But as she travels to San Francisco she discovers that her new job is more mysterious than first meets the eyes and her new boss very secretive.

This is the first book in the Elemental series by Mercedes Lackey and can be read as a standalone. I think that the entire series can be read as standalones. It is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I was disappointed because the Beast in this book lost all his “cruel, violent and beastly” characteristics and only is characterized as such because of his appearance (werewolf) but he is not treating Rose bad or anything. I can’t help but compare it with the original story (not the Disney one, the French version) and to Heart’s Blood by Juliette Marillier.

In fact there are a lot of similarities between Fire Rose and Heart’s Blood, plot wise and character wise and they are drifting apart from the original story…. It’s not a bad thing in itself but it feels like there is a subgenre in Beauty and the Beast retelling were the “Belle” is a scholar and is hired to work for the Beast. This actually softens the “Beast” part and completely ignores the fact that in the original story he kidnapped her…

Enough ranting lol. You all know by now my love for Mercedes Lackey. I do admit it I am a fan and sometimes not really objective on her works. I do admit that some of her books are greatly better than others and this one is in the middle. It is only good.

To be honest I did enjoy it because of the characters they were very deep. Paul du Mond especially he is a hateful character and the author made him so that you hate him right from the beginning.

Although it is not my favorite book from her I still fairly enjoyed it and it is a good change from the Valdemar series.


Broken Pride review

Bravelands 1.jpg

(Yep this is the drawing that held my attention for about a month because I could not get it right somehow…. It’s at the beginning of the book so if you read it you know what the scene is 😉 )

Broken Pride (Bravelands series book 1) by Erin Hunter

33295675Rating :five stars

The newest Erin Hunter series finally!!!! I am a huge fan of Erin Hunter’s work, as a kid I was reading the warriors series and I also loved the Survivor series although I have not got my hands on Seekers yet.

This new series follows three animals from the savannah a lion, a baboon and an elephant. All three have joint destinies and have to face some changes in the savannah.

If you are familiar with her works, you probably know that they (yes Erin Hunter is in fact a group of female authors) likes to include animal mythologies in their stories. In fact religion (if you can call it as such) is always a centre part of how animals are acting. Personally I think it is a metaphor for their instincts. 😉

What did I not love in this book? Well, nothing! I was growing tired with the Warrior series and I don’t think I will read the last series (seriously I am getting a bit lost with all the new characters and such…. But I am still reading the new companion’s books) and this one is a breath of fresh air.

I couldn’t help myself but see some similarities with the Lion King, I don’t know if it is wanted or not but the lion’s story is very similar to Simba’s. Or maybe I am just a huge Disney fan who sees Disney references everywhere.

If you are new to Erin Hunter’s books you should, they are middle grade anthropomorphic books but awesome. I think you can start by whichever series you like but bear in mind that if you get hooked on the Warriors series there are loads of books to read!

The Black Cauldron review


prydain 2


The Black Cauldron (Chronicles of Prydain #2) by Lloyd Alexander

24784Rating : five stars

And we’re back in Prydain for the second book in the Chronicles of Prydain series. Our companions reassemble to join force once more against the dreadful Arawn. Their new quest is to destroy the black cauldron, the source of life of Arawn soldiers.

I liked this sequel even more than the first book. The characters have grown; clearly Taran has a little bit less pride than before. Not only are they faced with evils, the greatest of all is growing up and seeing that life is not peaceful even within a group.

In the first book there was no real deep trauma for the characters but in this one they face death, treason and despair a huge step up from the first book.  We get more introspection within characterisation in this sequel and links between Taran and the other characters are deepened.

I was also super excited to see the three witches (Am I the only one who compared them to the ones in Macbeth?)  it was the most interesting part of the book and to compare it with the Disney one (who cannot…) it had a role in the plot and gave substantial information.

I will do a full parallel between movie and books when I finish the series. I also read The Founding which is a sort of prequel before Prydain, it is not spoilery at all so if you want to read it feel free it’s super short and gives a good overview of Lloyd Alexander’s style.

Crenshaw review


(I have to admit seeing your imaginary friend with a surf board must be pretty cool)

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate

23310699Rating: three stars

Jackson is an intelligent boy who wishes to be a zoologist. Jackson has a lot of questions and a lot of worries that should not be for his age. His family is facing some financial difficulties and they have to leave their home. Suddenly, the night before they depart, his old imaginary friend comes back.

Weirdly this book was called Skiddy in french and not  Crenshaw, I still haven’t figured out why….

I was pleasantly surprised by this book; I originally picked it up because the cover was great, but it has a lot more feels to it than the cover let you think. The plot is a little bit disjointed because the flashbacks are mixed with the present. But once you figure out what is happening it flows.

I really liked the idea of imaginary friends coming back when children need it and also that they all wait somewhere for you. I think this book will be perfect for middle graders but as an adult it missed something. I mean it was good but it was a weird mix of children preoccupations and adult’s ones, it could have been good but I am not sure if children would get the entire psychological spectrum behind it.

Wolf Speaker review


(Daine and all her animals going on an adventure, I just realized that the lighting is pretty bad so sorry guys…)

Wolf Speaker(Immortal series 2) by Tamora Pierce

858672Rating : five stars

I have to admit I love this book more than the first one. We are back with an older Daine who is travelling with Numair. But as they cross the region of Dunlath her old pack of wolves are calling out to her. They are facing a major crisis due to humans digging holes in the ground. Terrible problems await Daine when she realizes that something fishy is going on in Dunlath.
For me the most interesting part was to see Daine interacts with animals and it was what I loved in the first book. She almost has no interaction with humans and develops her capacities. We also learn more on several creatures and their relationships to humans are getting more and more complex.

Daine’s powers are also increasing, she now can travel through an animal with their mind but she can also turn into one which is awesome!

The only thing I could say is that I didn’t care at all for the villain… Maybe it was because we didn’t really know who the actual villain is but he is not at the center of events. I don’t know if it is just me but he felt small and not that powerful.

Anyways I still love this series and I hope to get to the other books pretty soon! Also I might do a tag post before Christmas, any suggestions?

Chistmasaurus review


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Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher

Rating : five stars

As you all can see, no art for this review. Why? Well just open this book, the art inside is just gorgeous and I didn’t want to try and do the same and fail LOL.

This book follows William a young man in a wheelchair. William leaves with his father and is being hazed at school by the new girl. Deprived of friends and very sad, William sends a Christmas letter asking for a dinosaur. In the North Pole, before Christmas, Santa’s elves find an egg in the ice and bring it back to Santa. Once hatched they discover that it contained a dinosaur.

I will stop here because honestly since it is a middle grade book you can probably tell how it’s going to go BUT it is so damn well written. I just thought that mixing Christmas and dinosaurs was a pretty darn good idea. I was at work when we opened the box containing these babies and I had to get it right after that. My first reaction was to flip through it and discover the amazing art inside!

Anyone can read this book but if you consider buying it for a child I think 8-10 years would be the smallest age for this book. Of course you can read it to smaller ones but I don’t know…

What’s your favorite Christmas book? Do you have any recommendations? Comment down below if you want and until next time !

Fire’s Stone review

Fire stone.jpg

(Aaron and Darvish looooove them!!!)

Fire’s Stone by Tanya Huff

338131Rating : five stars 🙂

Aaron, the thief, Darvish, the alcoholic prince, Chandra, the soon to be wed to the prince mage, are joint on a mission to bring back the stone that hold and protects their kingdom.

I was blown away by this story. When I heard reviews on Tanya Huff’s works they were mostly saying that her works are okay but not great. It may be true for her other books but this one was a great one. At first I thought the story would be a “normal” fantasy story meaning the plot would be see-through and dull and to be honest it was but that’s what was great! It was written in such a way that you don’t care that you already read that story.

Aside from that the writing is flawless and just makes you dive in. I didn’t read a standalone in a long time and I missed that feeling of “Oh my! It’s already finished and there are no other books to continue the fun” I wanted more of Darvish and Aaron! I wanted to know what happened after! But you know what, that frustration proves me right this book was awesome!

Do you guys know any other good book by Tanya Huff? Did you read this one too? Let me know in the comments!!