Chronicles of a librarian 2

chronicles of a librarian

So it’s that time of the month again where I put down my observations on the life of a librarian. Hope it will make you laugh considering the weird experiences I had.

So before School started and everyone was crazy over the lists of books teachers gave (In France teachers and professors gives out lists of books to buy, whether workbooks or paperbacks), It was quite quiet at the shop. And then one day this mother came in with her kids (one was 2 yo and the other one 4 ish) she had already bothered me three times, and yes at this point I use bother, for children books and alternate methods of education. I gathered that her kids were following the Montessori education (one of the most famous in France with Alpha and Boscher) and her little girl was looking at some Boscher workbooks because for 2 bought you had one giant poster to color. And of course the little girl was throwing a tantrum to have the poster (the thing with those alternative methods is that they focus on the kid having fun and not actually being educated first…). So the mom was begging me to sell them the poster and I could not since it was a free product… I was so tired with the kid’s tantrum that I ended up giving it up to the mother. I thought I was over with them but NO! The mom actually asked the kid to give me a thank you kiss. And she did and I felt grossed out the entire afternoon…

As I was saying the whole school debacle happened by the second week of September at the library and I kid you not there was a line from the library desk to the entry of the store (at least 30 people and not counting their kids). Well, this lady came in and was literally growling because she had to buy a latin-french dictionary and the normal price is 11E and she wanted one below 10E. I spent 10 minutes searching for one and every time I told her the price she was throwing a tantrum. I ended up finding one 9E and she barely said thank you…

Another day a professional clown (at least that what she claimed being) was horribly flirting with my colleague and at some point he said “You know men should be pregnant with boys and women with girl for equality’s sake” . That sentence was followed by a terrible silence where I turned my head and looked at my coworker and when I saw her face I erupted in a fit of laughter. Even my customer was laughing at this point.

I could also talk about how many client yelled at me because their books were not there and their kid’s teacher was about to ground their kid but I don’t want to talk about those person. Overall the school frenzy was terribly tiring and now we are on to the preparation of Christmas… Already.


Chronicles of a librarian

chronicles of a librarian

As you might have heard in July, I started to work as a librarian for a famous French library a bit like Barnes and Nobles. To be honest it was kind off a job opportunity I would not have let fly by me because seriously being surrounded by books all day how could I possibly refuse?

I do love my job although it is frustrating because so many books pass between my hands and I can’t read them! xD I also have less time to do things outside of work and since I spent my days standing up I am pretty tired at night. I also don’t have a redundant schedule, meaning I can work five to six days in a week and they vary from one week to another therefore my posts are not really schedule as well.

But! I do have some interesting anecdotes to share with you guys so that’s a plus! I thought I would talk about weird things customers ask and funny things that happened at work because let’s be honest I have quite a few things to say.

For example, yesterday, a girl (mid-twenties) came to our counter and said she needed book recommendations for her vacation. I asked what kind of books she liked and she answered, ‘A bit of everything and the last book I read was a Musso (a French author who writes poor quality contemporary fiction) and also a detective novel. But I want to try some more fantasy because I was going to read a Game of Thrones but since I watched the show I don’t want to read something I already watched.’ Girl how wrong you are! The show is nothing like the books which are immensely better! But, of course, I could not tell her that. So first I recommended a few Science Fiction books and she said she wanted more fantasy. I recommended the Hobbit and she said and I quote, ‘Wait is it the thing (YES SHE SAID THE THING) from The Lord of The Ring universe? I did not like the movies I fell asleep in front of them.’ So I took a calming breath, because who dares to disregard the master himself and pointed a French fantasy author Pierre Pevel (whose book series I started and it’s really book) I told her it was kind of like Harry Potter in terms of universes but she answered, ‘Don’t you have anything like a Game of Thrones?’ Dude you can actually READ the books but keeping my anger I pointed Robin Hobb, I know it’s not quite like it but in terms of universe there are some similitudes. She was not convinced and she actually talked about Twilight so I sighed and gave her a Mercy Thomspon novel. And she was happy.

Another day, I was dealing with a client on the phone when a lady, gray hair in tresses, round glasses and The Girl on the Train in hands came to the counter looking quite embarrassed. I finished with my client and welcomed her. ‘I am quite embarrassed to ask this, my request may seem quite odd and it might be complicated.’ When a client says that usually they don’t know the title or the author and they vaguely remember the book cover so I prepared myself for the worst. ‘I am here to buy the latest edition of Mein Kampf for a friend who is working on it for his studies.’ She was all red and seemed really embarrassed to ask this, poor her. We don’t keep these books in the library they are hidden in a room with the client’s orders. So I gave her the book and she was still looking unsure of herself. ‘Excuse me but do you have something to cover it up? I feel a bit shameful having it in my hand.”  I gave her a random paper and reassured her that no one would judge her for that.


Hiya Folks!

This page is an addition to the introduction strip. I’m a FrenchUniversity student. I’m in my fifth year right now in Medieval History. It’s mainly the reason why my posts won’t be always regular and will probably depend on my work.

In general this blog is where I’ll be posting reviews of books I read and tags that I’ll do. I’ll try to post once a week but let’s be honest that’s not really realistic. But I will try :D.

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