Dreamwalker book 1 review

dreamwalkerDreamwalker (book 1) by J.D. Oswald

21942230Rating: Three stars

Dreamwalker is a book series by J. A. Oswald about dragons and humans and how the two of them are supposed to live together.

 In this universe dragons are a repressed species, there was even a law to kill dragons. Every dragon born has to be counted to be able to control their population. Hence dragons have to hide to be able to live sort of peacefully. Our story begins when a baby dragon is illegally hatched and the bastard prince of the dead princess is born. As you can expect the story revolves on Benfro, the dragon, and Errol, the human prince. As both grow up they discover that they have strange abilities involving what is called “the Grim”, lines that surround everything in the world.  Of course it would not be a real fantasy book without a political tyrant who is trying to kill every dragon.

Now that you know a bit more about the plot, let’s dive into what I thought about it. I first want to say that even if I ended up liking this book a lot more than I thought I would, I had a hard time to get into it. I found the beginning quite slow and a bit confusing, I always messed up the names of characters so that did not help xD. Ho yeah, why so many –y in the names????

But! I must say that once you get past the first part and finally get to the wedding, it’s starts to get interesting. I really enjoyed the magical system of the world, I am especially interested in the Grim and how it works. Mages are also able to travel to another non-physical world that actually influence the normal one.

Now I have to talk about dragons. First I was a bit put off by their appearances, not really all mighty dragon ones… But they have actually a more interesting history, I only read the first book so I think I only have a little part of it, but they are intelligible species with their own language and way of life. I was especially interested in their jewels that hold their memory it reminded me a bit of the elves in Dragon Age 😄 but let’s be honest I always think of Dragon Age….

Also humans appear to be the bad guys in this story. It’s a good thing to invert the usual dragons are mighty beasts that kill innocent peasants yet I feel like it was missing something. And throughout the book I could not help but wonder when will there be an actual link between Errol and Benfro, aside from their birthdays.

Overall it is a good book, I am not going to say it was bad because I really enjoyed it but I believed it lacked some elements and it was quite slow. Also there is a major problem with time, you never really know when you are in the story when you switch characters and that was… perplexing. I might criticise a lot but for me it has the potential to be a great series and I cannot wait to see what happens in book two! Hopefully Errol and Benfro will finally meet without killing each other. 😉

Unwrapped Sky review


Unwrapped Sky (Caeli-Amur #1) by Rjurik Davidson

22226827 rating:four stars

This is by far one of the best books I’ve read in 2016 ! After reading the Broken Empire series I had a hard time to get back into fantasy because I had a feeling everything felt the same but this book was great! Absolutely genius for me!

This story follows three characters Kata, Maximillian and Boris, all three are living in a city called Cali-Amur and are taking parts in a series of events that are going to change the city. This is as much un-spoiler-y as this review can get xD.

Okay I will start this review by the first point which made me squeal on my chair when I read it: MINOTAURS! (As you can probably can tell by the drawings xD)Finally a fantasy series with these mythical creatures! I think they are not enough used in series. And I also took off a star in my review because I thought there was not enough on them inside but a little birdie called curiosity told me that there was more in the second book.

Besides minotaurs, the lore is quite interesting we have a mysterious sunken city, creeping creatures that are trying to control humans and others. The city is divided between houses and professions. The magic system remains kind of blurry at the end of this first book, the magicians are called “thaumaturgists” and in my head they are a bit like alchemists although there powers are not really explained except that they have spells and books at the origin.

The world building was great too, I love when you just jump into it and discover everything a bit like the Doctor does xD.

I am not going to say too much on the characters because it will be hard without a spoiler. But if you love fantasy YOU HAVE TO GO READ IT! It’s great and you won’t regret it!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great start in 2017! Reviews are back weekly! See you next week and take care 😉

Broken Empire series review


Broken Empire series by Mark Lawrence

Rating :

9579634Prince of Thorn : 5 stars

12891107King of Thorns: 4 stars

15985373Emperor of Thorns: 5 stars

Series rating: 4,5 stars

I fell in love with this series in 2016! It was really my favourite discovery. There are so many good things in these books that I could ramble about it for an hour but I will keep it short and without any spoilers and encourage you to go discover it by yourself.

The series follow Jorg of Ancrath the heir to the throne of Ancrath who saw his little brother and his mother being assassinated in front of his eyes while he was caught in a thorn bush. Following to this event Jorg left the castle with a band of criminals called the Brotherhood. But sixteen-year-old Jorg wants to get back his princely position and avenge his family.

First I thought this was your typical revenge plot but what was really fascinating was the character of Jorg. Okay, I admit I may have had a book crush on him. But he is really the type of character I love, he is not good (well not paragon if you’re used to gaming language xD) he is cynical, dark and his opinions are very interesting. He also knows that he is not good and that his world is not a great one. He seems hyper aware of everything even if he sometimes seems to act carelessly. He does have a complex division inside him that is embodied by his two “love interests” if I may call them as such : Katherine and Miana. I will not dwell too much on them because this is spoiler-y.

To get back on the plot, it is quite a common fantasy trope yet the plot twists are well written and keeps the reader’s interest (OMG THE ENDING!). And I did cry at the end so that means it was great!

The downside of the series is the magic system/ technology. It remains a bit blurry throughout the entire development, even if you learn more about it in the third book, yet I would have liked to see more about it.

Ho, one small advice :don’t get attached to the characters, it’s not Game of Throne like but still.

That’s it for today’s review, the first of 2017!!!! Also I will now have reviews weekly probably on mondays so see you next week!

La Louve et L’Enfant review

La Louve et L’enfant (La Moira tome 1) By  Henri Loevenbruck


Rating: four stars ^^

I always loved this author but never had the occasion to read his fantasy series but I think they were republished recently so yeah to that ^^.

So this first book is the instalment of the trilogy. In this book we meet the main character Alea and a wolf named Imala while this book doesn’t really dwell on that their destiny seems linked. Alea is a young outcast who suddenly comes across a cadaver buried in the sand. The cadaver bears a ring which Alea takes for herself and is suddenly graced with strange powers. Thus starts her adventures.

I am not going to spoil too much of the plot but I found it good, it has a lot of fantasy tropes but I still liked it. I might say that the action was a little bit too quick and sometimes I was clearly wondering if Alea was not the daughter of Flash xD But it was an essential part of the narration to describe the chasse between Alea and the bad guys. Yet, sometimes they just reach a place and don’t stay hence descriptions are quite quick and you don’t really have the time to get attached to a place.

Alea was a good character but I wish there was more on Imala and wolves but I think they will be more developed in the next books. Also I found it great that druids have a great part in this book, it is something I realised recently but druids are not as common as before in the fantasy genre, they have a sort of two-face things going on here and I love when characters are complicated. However, for some reason the little group sounded a bit like the start of an RPG game. “So there was our joyful company with a child, a druid, a bard, a dwarf and a paladin …” xD or at least a good fantasy joke. But the group is very dynamic together and I came to love their quarrels and dialogues.

I honestly really liked this book, and not only because I am a big fan of the author, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the second one!!

Here There be Dragons book 1 review

Here there be dragons by James A. Owen


Rating: 5 stars!!!! 😀

I adored this book! Seriously it’s been a long time since I was so hooked on a series. I almost read it in one sitting (all for sleep….).

The world itself mixes different mythologies and cultures together to create a world parallel to our own yet both are influencing each other. First when characters are entering the Archipelago they come across Avalon as an introduction to all the myth presents. I mean Arthurian retelling are part of the most popular out there, I was scared that it would be once again concentrating on Arthur but no! It actually shifts pretty fast from one culture to another and even to legends one might not know.

I also love how languages come into the plot as a crucial point. In my studies I have studied Old and Middle English, Latin, Middle French amongst other language and sometimes I do ask myself “Why, why should I learn a language no one speaks anymore?” Besides for my studies of course, everyone can relate to John and slack a bit when it comes to learn declensions from Latin (rosa, rosa, rosam….. it never gets old….) but see now I might pay more attention to it xD since it can help me save a world of mythology and legends.

It takes place during the WWI in London, well first in London. It is explained that the war is due to the events happening in the Archipelago. I think it’s an interesting way to show how legends influence our lives, even when you study history you realize how they have an impact and not only in Antiquity but in medieval and modern times too. I really enjoyed that explanation for what happens in our world.

As for characters, I am pleased to say I loved them ALL! (And that’s pretty rare of me). They were snarky and cynic; the dialogues are especially really well done and always tend to have a dash of humor. And now that I think about it I don’t even have a favorite in the entire crew…. See how great I thought the book was? I just want to mention Tummeler and how his character first reminded me of animals in Narnia and now that I’ve seen his relation to Charles and read the end it makes so much more sense! (Nope no spoilers I swear!)

Now of course I need to talk about the dragons and more particularly about the dragonships, since there is only one dragon present in this book, Samaranth. As for dragons they are not really “original” I mean Samaranth can be related to other dragons in other books. By that I mean that they are compliant with the idea one has of dragon (old, wise but not always telling everything and of course looking down on humans). As for the ships I thought it was a great idea to integrate dragons to them and make them “more alive”.

I’ll quickly mention the drawings that were gorgeous and made the reading even more pleasant. I always love to see how an author portrays his own characters.

The plot itself is rather simple, at first, three men are chosen to carry a map and save the Archipelago from the Winter King. But the plot twists seriously!!!! Ho and at the end (no I will resist the urge to spoil the end) I was almost yelling the fangirl very mature yell.

All that being said you will all understand the very good rating and I cannot wait to read the rest of the seven books!!! Make sure to check it out, it is really worth it!

Cowboys and Aliens

cowboys-aCowboys and Aliens by Joan D. Vinge

Rating: two stars


I will start off by saying that I’ve never seen the movie before reading this book.  Nor have I ever heard of it before stumbling upon the cover. Yes because to be honest it was the cover and the title that lead me to buy this book.  I will not compare the book to the movie in this review (that will be hard to do since I’ve never seen the movie) but I will treat is as a book but bear in mind that everything that I say is for what I read and not the movie.

As I was just saying, it’s a novelization of a movie. Usually I tend to dislike novelization because they are not as good as the movie or they are badly written. Well, for this one I was partly wrong. The writing style is okay. I have nothing to really say on it except that it was perhaps a little dull during the descriptions.

It is the story of a man who wakes up wounded and without any memories. The only thing he has left is a metal manacle on his wrist. He ends up in a town where the local sheriff recognizes him as a wanted man. As he is thrown in prison, aliens attack the town and kidnap some of the townsfolks. Along with the town businessman, the man has to search for the aliens and his memory.

The plot was weak. By that I mean that it was cliché and easy. What I mean by that is that there was nothing new or spectacular. There was everything a stereotyped Western has (cowboys, Native Americans, gold, a sheriff, a romance) and mixed it up with cliché Sci-Fi plot elements (aliens looking like demons, spaceships, Earth’s conquest, and kidnappings).  I will say the first forth of this book was really good but the rest was a succession of “I knew it would happen”.

The worst part is that I love the lead character’s storyline. I thought it would be very interesting to see him get back his memory and being accused of the worst crimes on Earth while trying to get back what he lost. He was why I gave two stars to this book and not one. But let’s be serious, his romance with an alien is RIDICULOUS! Seriously, he met her two days ago and suddenly he’s ready to die for her while having memories of his past lover? How is any of that logical on an emotional scale?

Talking about ridiculous, gold hunting aliens? Just no. Because of course, aliens would be drawn to Earth because of gold, like conquistadors invaded America…. Why does it always have to be gold? Where there are cowboys gold is never really far in literature and movies. It’s just boring to read something that has already been dealt with dozens of times before….

Talking about recurring subjects, Native Americans appear in this story a bit like the Doctor in London.  You just know they are going to be here and not in their best suit. It would not matter if they were not there, they don’t bring anything new to the plot.

To be honest this book didn’t made me want to see the movie, on the contrary it just made me recoil from anything mixing cowboys and aliens. I think that they just don’t mix well because they both have so many clichés that together they make an abundance of it quite boring.

Carry On review

Carry OnCarry On review

Rating: Four stars

This book had a lot of hype. And when I say a lot what I mean is it was what everyone was talking about in the book community. Now for myself, I waited a bit before going into it. First it was because I thought it was a YA like Fangirl (which I still haven’t read) so I was a bit skeptical. But as the reviews started to be published I saw that it was not at all like that. Sure it’s still a YA but it’s a YA that makes fun of Harry Potter and Twilight, basically the best sellers of YA.

Who was I to say no to that?

I must first explain why it appealed to me the second I acknowledged that. For Twilight it’s going to be very short. I absolutely hated it. And I did try to read it. Oh boy I did and I still think it was a loss of my time.….  For Harry Potter, well, I tend to keep my opinion to myself because I am cared of Harry’s fan. But wait! I did not “hate” Harry Potter, in fact I loved the first four books, and I HATED Harry, the chosen one.

This being said, you might understand better why I loved Carry On.

This book is heavily influenced by those two series. But, in a good way, by that I mean it did not ‘copy’ them but used their flaws to make it a good adventure. By flaws I mean R. Rowell used every ‘stupid’ or ‘naïve’ even ‘romantic’ aspects of these books and made fun of them. But not in a very harsh way, I mean she used references in a comical tone which I found great.

The plot was very past paced and it works with flash backs to tell us what happened before and how it all unfold in the story later. Basically Simon Snow has to face the Humdrum who is destroying the magic world while wizards are divided because of the Mage’s(the headmaster of the school) reforms.

Yeah, the story is much like Harry Potter’s. Simon Snow is the chosen one in his wizarding world. He has two friends Penny and Agatha and a sworn enemy Blaz. See where I was saying they were alike? Well, I must say, the world was a bit less developed. And it’s the only bad point I found in this book, the world needed more development.

But! Where the book lost in world building it gain it characterization. Seriously the characters were so much better than in Harry Potter or Twilight. Because they had depth and one could see that because the story is divided into their different point of views which makes the story even more interesting. And the relationships are more developed especially how they see the Mage or even the love stories they were not full of good feelings like Hermione and Ron or Harry and Ginny (I hated that couple, why, why why???!!!).

Also I think I heard somewhere that this book was meant to be a fanfiction of Harry Potter for Fangirl.  That actually made me think, because I did write some fanfictions and I read some that were really great, so perhaps that if authors changed just a few things like in Carry On it might be great novels. But that’s beside the point.

Oh did I mention the dragon? 😉

Finally if you were taken back by the bazillions reference to Harry Potter in my review, read the book you’ll understand why. But don’t do it as a hard core Harry Potter fan, keep an open mind. And if you lived on a rock for your entire life and never heard of Harry before, don’t worry your life is not over, but you can still read this book but do tell how you saw it because it is full of references ^^.

Cats are back (New Prophecy review)

Warriors 2

WARNING! Spoiler for Warriors series one.

Rating for the three first books: 3.5 stars

Here I am with a new review on an Erin Hunter series. This one is the second Warriors series, The New Prophecy. I only read the three first books Midnight, Moonrise and Dawn.

First I must said I was a bit disappointed with the first two books because of how Firestar changed in just a book, I don’t it’s something that I felt.

Now I cannot talk only of Firestar because the lead character is no longer him. In fact there are several, the four prophecy cats and Firestar’s daughters. That is something I really liked, the fact that several characters are important, it’s more diverse in a way. I really liked Brambleclaw he is a great cat and an interesting character since he has to live with the fact that he is Tigerstar’s son and Firestar’s doubts on his loyalty.

Somehow, for me, the fact that cats from different clans come together is a bit a copy of the last book of the first series until I read book three. Actually even at the end of book two. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder WHY!!!! Why do they need to be divided especially in times of hardship… I think it needs to be explained not just with the sentence “There were always four clans”.

Now! The hardship here is human destroying the forest, and I just thought how accurate it is, I mean how much species are endangered because of our stupid methods to try to control nature. I am a bit disappointed in the fact that Erin Hunter didn’t try to find another solution than the one of the prophecy because she could have come with an epic way to preserve the forest.

Something else that disturbed me was the way kitty pet are coming in the story, they feel a bit like the characters in epic fantasy books that are helping but not taking part in the actual battle. I already said it for the Warriors review, but I’m a bit disappointed that they don’t have a bigger place in the story but I think that the manga concentrate on that. If you want to read the manga it takes place after Dawn but contains spoilers.

I’m not sure if I will continue the series, I kind of want to continue Survivors and read Seekers after that. But we will see!

Cats in power (warrior series review)


Hello Humans!!!

*spoiler free*

series rating: four stars

The Warrior series has been in my heart and on my bookshelves for a long time. I fell in love with Erin Hunter’s books when I was 12 years old and ever since I still read at least one of her books every year. She has an amazing talent for writing about animals and explaining their behaviors through fantasy plots. The first time I read Fireheart’s story I was hooked on the entire series!

This first series is a great way to dive into Erin Hunter’s style, although I suppose that if you want to read another series such as Survivors or Seekers you probably don’t need to start here but if you want to know about the clan cats here is your starting point!

Warriors is her longest and earliest story, it follows the cats of the Thunderclan and mostly Fireheart. It is the story of how a kitty pet Rusty came into the Thunderclan and became a warrior known as Fireheart. As a character Fireheart has every characteristics of a hero, he wants to act for his clan and even transgress rules to help the ones he cares about. His opponent throughout the entire series is Tigerclaw who is the typical bad guy in the series and I was a bit disappointed that he was not as developed as I expected him to be.

The series has a great plot that constantly evolves but the major flaw is the characters. Since their names are changing with their ranks sometimes you can get them a little mixed up especially once you start The New Prophecy, yet it is also a way to have plenty of secondary characters that are all important in their own ways (and sometimes not in the first series but in the second or third).  Now when you try to link them all in a family tree it sounds a bit complicated… BUT! Bear with it because it is worth it!

As I said, the plot is great and interesting and tries to deal with every aspect of the clan. As Rusty becomes Fireheart we learn with him how it’s like to be a warrior cat and how to live in the wild. I thought it was interesting to see how cats of the clans behaved and their lifestyle. And of course I have to talk about my favorite character Bluestar! There is a standalone (which contains spoilers if you have not read the entire first series yet) about her and how she came to be who she is and the choices she had to make, I think she is the most interesting character of this first series.

The standalones can be read without diving into the series but they do contain spoilers so read with caution!!! Of course it is a great way to know more about some characters and parts of the plots of the later series. I think it is a great way to develop characters.

The entire work of Erin Hunter are Middle grade books so they are very easy to read and quick to get into although the series darkens with passing tomes but it goes well with the plot. If you’re a cat lover or an antho amateur go check it out!

Necromancer strikes back (Sabriel)


rating: three stars

In short Sabriel is the story of a girl who goes on an adventure to rescue her father. To be more detailed, the girl, Sabriel is a necromancer. She just finished school when she learns that her father is trapped somewhere in death and has to go into the old kingdom to find his body and rescue him.

To be frank I had a hard time getting into the story manly because of Sabriel as a character, I did not care for her at all and most of the time she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  But now that I think about it, it’s only for the reader to get better into the Old Kingdom, because Sabriel don’t know much about it too. So the reader is in the same position she is, even more since the other side of the wall is actually a version of our modern world (they have electricity and running water). I think that’s what perplexed me at the beginning.

Yet! After you get past that stage it’s a good book. Even if I think Sabriel is not a well-developed character, the others are very interesting especially Mogget.

The plot in genral was okay I don’t have anything to say about it. It was logical and flowing so it was pretty good.

Aside from that what really bothered me was the world itself. They are no explanations on how it came to be divided as such and how one part gets electricity and the other gets magic. Yet magic can work across the wall… See the problem?

I did enjoy reading it but I might not read the other books because my favorite character was Touchstone and I don’t think he appears in Lireal..? Well I’ll see! For me it’s a good book, not one of my favorite but I think it’s still interesting. Usually for me to really like a book I need my dragons but this one was still great because seriously necromancer and walking dead? Still a good combo.

Also fun fact when you type “Sabriel” on Google the first results are not about the book, just make sure to put the author’s name xD or you will get swapped in the dark world of fanfiction!!!!! Beware!