Magic’s Price review

Mgic's price

(for the last review of this series I wanted to draw the coats of arm of Valdemar and a horse because I need to practice my horse drawing skills)

Magic’s Price(book 3 of The Last Herald-Mage trilogy) by Mercedes Lackey

28734Rating : four stars

This book takes place a few years after the previous one. Vanyel is still hard working and has no life at all. He is still the one everyone run to and the one who has to take care of every problems of Valdemar.  However, a new threat falls upon the heralds, an evil villain (Who has heard of a gentle villain? xDDD) is killing the herald mage of Valdemar and Vanyel has to investigate.

At this point I was really annoyed with the fact that Vanyel was a bit like the counseler of Valdemar’s court…. Only Medren seems to care really for his uncle…. By the way I love grown up Medren you can really see an evolution in his character. In fact, in this last book the characters’ evolution is way more flagrant. Of course I have to talk of Stefen, the new love of Vanyel. Honestly I would not have paired him with him because the fact that he was always described as “delicate” disturbed me. Yeah I do agree he supports Vanyel but he can’t do anything more…. I mean Tylendel could help him out and protect him, but I loved Tylendel thus why I had a hard time with Stefen…

Same as the other books the plot really takes off a third in the book and I think it is why the series as a whole will only have four stars. Mercedes Lackey takes a lot of time to explore the characters interaction with each other’s and sometimes it delays the plot and even skip important plot line. For exemple at some point Vanyel has to go somewhere for a treaty (it’s not spoiler don’t worry) and we see nothing of that episode, in the next chapter he comes back two or three months later and everything is done and went quite well. Okaaaaaaaay and? Why mention it if you’re not going to develop that point? I feel like it was slow on the plot and jump interesting parts and I had the same problems in Arrows of the Queen but I still find this series much better.

Hello everyone so after a month of job hunting/finishing university I am back with some more reviews and with a good new!!! I now work as a librarian so guess what! More books to read and more reviews to come ! I hope you will all have nice summer reads! Until next time bye!


Theft of Swords review

Hey guys! I am finally back and with a review!!! My dissertation/thesis is done,printed,  graded xD I am finally good to go back to reviewing once perhaps twice a week 😉

Theft of swords

(my version of Royce xD for the next book I will do Hadrian ;))

Theft of swords  (Book 1 of the Ryiria Revelations) by Michael J. Sullivan

10790290rating: five stars 😀

Royce and Hadrian are two thieves. Under the name of Ryiria, they are well known and used by the noble society of Essenhadon. After a difficult case of stolen letters, they are contacted by a mysterious noble. He is in a pretty pickle as one would say, since he has to face a duel against count Pickering for having looked too long at the count’s wife. The count is a well-known swordsman and has only lost one battle because he didn’t have his lucky sword. His request is as follow: Royce and Hadrian are to steel the sword of cont Pickering and make it reappear after their duel. A simple and well paid task, the thieves agreed even with the little preperation they facedd. However things get complicated once they are founded on the king’s murder scene, while seqrchong for the sword, and accused of his assassinatin.

One simple word: GREAT.

The writting is excellent. It uses every trope of a fantasy book but made them even better so you have the impression of reading something new. The world building is also amazing, just the history and myths around the main plot are very interesting. In a way it could be compared to a Game of Thrones, in the sense that history has a great role to play. The plot sounded really like your usual fantasy story, especially with thieves, but it is so much more and it gets better chapter by chapters. It twists and turns in a way you will never imagine.

But the best part of this book was the characters. I have to say I am this close to say « screw the dissertation, I need book two to read more Royce and Hadrian banter. They are hilrious together! A good team is what makes the best fantasy books. They are definitevely what moves the story and even secondary characters. Okay prince Alaric is a bastard (not in the blood/family ties way ;)) but he gets better! I do have a special love for princess Arista and Myrion the monk.

Michael J. Sullivan even uses Middle English *.* because Ezra the old magician has been in prison for thousands of years thus his speech is quite Shakesperian. Also he is an intelligent literary device to explain what happened in the past as is Myron for folklore. In a nutshell Esra is a history teacher and I can’t tell too much about him without spoilers.

I do have to warn anyone who wants to read this book, it is huge, as are the two next in the series, but you get so engrossed in the story that it passes without any efforts!

Magic’s promice review

Magic's promise

(Vanyel and Yfendes, scene taken from the book where Vanyel is hiding in the stables xD I laughed so hard when I read it)

Magic’s Promise (book two of the Last Herald-Mage series) by Mercedes Lackey

28760Rating : four stars

After I finished Magic’s Pawn I just had to dive into the next instalment of the Last Herald-Mage series by Mercedes Lackey. I really want to finish more of her series this year, I did remember really liking them as a kid but I could not remember them and there are a lot I never read.

This book takes place more than ten years after the events of Magic’s Promise so this review might spoil some events of the book. We found an older Vanyel Herald-Mage and best friend of the new king of Valdemar.  He just came back from a war zone at the borders of the kingdom, tired and battered and is going to his childhood home. He will have to face his father Withen but also new trouble arising near their lands.

I must say I had a bit of problems with Vanyel at first. He is grown up, but we did not see him grow up so it feels like we are missing something when we share his thoughts and doubts especially the ones Shavri the king’s lifebounded. At first, when Vanyel was questioning her feelings for her I fels like “WOAH! Slow down her! What was that have you forgotten Tylendel?” and in fact the explanation which is given was logical so I was reassured.

Don’t worry, I still hate Savil. She feels exactly like Dumbledor and that is not a kind description coming from me.

By the way, random historian fact time, did you guys know that Valdemar was actually the name of the king of Denmark in the 12th century? It was the historical minute of Panda xD

Something I felt a bit problematic is the fact that we don’t see Vanyel’s training or him during the war hence the very long prologue/context which is why I did not gave this book five stars. In fact the plot really kicks off about a quarter in the book but I feel like the next one will be more bouncy (in a good way).

The writing is also very good, still consistent with all the books I read from Miss Mercy (except the last book in the Heralds trilogy Arrow’s fall) it is very fluid and is not heavy which makes a fantasy book always more enjoyable.

I do hope to finish this series in May (promises, promises….) and I will have a review of the last book as well as a wrap-up of the series when the time comes ^^.

Hey everyone! So I am still very much in the process of writing my dissertation but I have hope to finish it mid-May or at the end of May until then posts will be only once a week. I hope you will all have a great week and until then bye!!!

Fanny and Stella review

Fanny Stella

(Fanny -or Stella- walking in the streets in proper Londonian society)

Fanny and Stella: The Young Men Who Shocked Victorian England review by Neil McKenna

16174761rating : two stars

It has been a long time since I reviewed a history book. Usually I only do medieval ones since it’s my specialty but I made an exception with this one.

I was first piqued in my historical interest because I did study Victorian England but I never heard about drag queens in those classes. I thus really wanted to read more on the subject. Secondly I was a bit put off because I know very little on historical drag queens, I only knew the Chevalier d’Eon, so I tried to read it as a history reference.

So as you all can guess this is a nonfiction book about two drag queens in Victorian England: Fanny and Stella whom were arrested because they were in drags and also accused of sodomy (which was a crime at the time). The book follows their arrest and goes back on their lives and how did a young drag queen lived in Victorian England and how.

I was very harsh in the rating, I know this book has received a good average on Goodreads, but I really could not find any more interest in the book after the first half. To be honest it was chaotic, the returns back and forth in time were really confusing and made the story look like a fiction and not a nonfiction. Of course I say so as a history student so perhaps for someone else it would lighten the story and picked the interest of the reader.

Problem is, the story itself, as interesting as it was, was quite dull. It was very slow and not like a lecture but as if the author had wanted to say too much in one book. That’s why I did not understand the amount of chapters on other people, yes it made the enquiry very thorough but it was in my point of view too much. And as a historian I was quite disappointed to see so little sources. A historian rely mainly on its sources, it’s the base of the analysis I mean even Allison Weir had at least three pages of bibliography at the end of her She-wolf. I even read a manga on Mary-Antoinette which used more references than this book….

I ended up quite bored with this book and kept putting it down yet I do find its subject to be interesting and I might look up other books.

The stars askew review

The stars a.jpg

(Scene taken from chapter 2 with Kata, Dexion and little Henry. Is it me or my background skills are somewhat better? Still perspective is not my cup of tea xD)

The Stars Askew (Caeli-Amur #2) by Rjurik Davidson

31114185Rating: five stars

This book is a sequel to Unwrapped Sky (which I already did a review on). It takes place right after the events in Caeli-Amur and things are not going so well after the revolution. Houses have retreated themselves in villas and Varenis has cut all communication and exchange with the free city. In that context, one of the leaders of the rebellion, Aceline, is murdered and Kata investigates. At the same Maximillian has awoken and learns how to deal with a not so god Aya in his head and Armand is on his way to Varenis in hope to find a way to restore peace in Caeli-Amur.

I was so excited to read this book, I really enjoyed the last one. My only critic of the last book was that we don’t know that much on the world around Caeli-Amur but this second one clearly fills in the blanks (even though they are still some). We definitely learn a lot more in this book on the history and especially on Aya’s story because it was a point that was a bit blurry in the last book. We also understand a bit better how the world work and how everything relies on Varenis and we do see more of the outside of Caeli-Amur.

The plot is centered on the assassination and how everything is linked to it (no no this is not a spoiler I swear!!!). The writing is good and fluid which is pretty amazing because some of these fantasy books out there, especially high fantasy, have very heavy writing, you know what I mean?

Okay I have to speak about Dexion. Finally! A minotaur is almost a main character!!! I really loved how he was depicted, kind of brutish but wise at the same time, it was exactly how I thought a minotaur would be! And please his interactions with Kata are just so full of wits, fun and can they just please be together in the next book? One more thing I loved is to see that Kata created a sort of ersatz of family with Dexion and Henry, at the beginning of the book that scene just melted my little heart into a bit pile of honey.

Ho and yeah I still dislike Maximilian but that is personal xD but one character I did not believe I could like is Armand. In the first book he was only a secondary character but in this one we get his point of view and a bit more info on him. And without any spoilers I was very sad to see how he evolved.

Yep I did give it five stars and it totally deserves it because it is not getting enough hype and it was great. I do hope there will be at least a third book!

Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed the review, I might have a little hectic posting calendar in the upcoming weeks because I’m fully into writing my dissertation but I will post at least once a week 😉 Until then have a lovely week!! See ya!

Easter Booktag!


(My dogs are joining me to wish you all a happy chocolate hunt along with an unamed bunny…)

So yes I thought I could celebrate Easter with a tag!!! This one was created by Rosie the Reader on booktube. Let us see the all mighty questions!!!

Rabbits – A book that you wish would multiply – So a book you want a sequel to (that doesn’t have one)

So easy!!! The last series I read, which I hope is incomplete and will have a new book soon, aka the  Caeli-Amur series by Rjurik Davidson (thank god I am not a booktuber I have no idea how to pronounce his name T-T). As you can all probably deduce from the review of the first book and the one coming up next week of the second book, it is by far the best 2016 revelation in fantasy for me. The writing style is really good, as is the world building and I just adore his characters (well… except Max but that’s another story). So there are currently two books Unwrapped Sky and The stars Askew and I hope there will be a third one!!! (please, please, please with BB8 on top)

Egg – A book that surprised you

I think that it was more the fact that I liked it which surprised me, because I don’t read that much contemporary and it is The readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald. It is the story of Sara who arrives in this small town in the US, all the way from Sweden to meet her pen pal Anny. But the day she arrives, Anny died. Sara still decides to stay in the small town and even opens a bookshop.

Hunt – A book that was hard for you to get your hands on

Let’s be honest nowadays with Amazon, BookDepositery, Abebooks and bookshops it is pretty easy to get a book and in the edition you like. But of course that is only true for fiction… Sadly, historians will know the struggle, history books are not that easy to find at a decent price and in the newest edition. The last one which gave me a nervous breakdown, I had to read it for my dissertation, I won’t bore you with the details since it’s a book in French and concerning the Library of the Duke of Berry.

Lambs – A children’s book that you still enjoy

I have almost not a lot of memory of children’s literature, because I read teen fiction quite early. But if I think very hard it would be Beatrix Potter’s Complete Tales. I used to love them as a kind and I reread them recently and it is as good as I remember.

Spring – A book with a cover that makes you think of spring

To be honest I don’t have one in particular… But any cozy-mystery cover works 😉

Jesus – A religious or spiritual book that you love

I don’t read that many spiritual books…. Well I did read some from the Middle Ages because of my studies so I will cheat and pick The Book of Margery Kempe. She was a woman who believed she had illuminations and tried to act as a mystic from the Christ and wrote a book about it. But she mixes up everything and her dreams are retelling of what she learned. I had to do an oral on this book and I had so much fun preparing it.

Rising from the dead – A book from a deceased author

THE HOBBIT! Because this book seems to appear in every tag I do xD and it works 😛

Baskets – A book that is in your amazon cart or wish list right now

Ho I have so many… As the quote from I-don’t-remember-who says “So many books, so little time…. But recently I added Joust by Mercedes Lackey. I don’t know much about this book except that it is written by one of my favorite authors xD and that it has dragons while mixing Ancient Egypt culture and Atlantis. Basically it was made for me xD

Candy – A book that is sweet

Sweet as in tooth rotting fluff? Or sweet as in cooing after a puppy? (Not the same you know!). Hm I don’t know…. Probably The Fire Within (book 1 of The Last Dragon Chronicles) by Chris D’Lancey. I read this a while ago but I remember it being sweet.

Peeps – Tag people

I tag anyone who wants to do it ^^

Magic’s Pawn review

Magic's pawn.jpg

Vanyel and Yfendes (sorry my bacground and horse drawing skills are not that good T-T)

Magic’s Pawn (book one of the Last Herald-Mage trilogy) by Mercedes Lackey

28759Rating: four stars

Vanyel ,the firstborn son of the strict Lord Withen, has always felt out of place in his home. Passionate by music and poor in anything warrior-like, he wants to become a bard but his father has other plans. Out of anger and dissatisfaction against his son, Lord Withen sends him to Haven in the care of his aunt Savil to learn how to be a proper lord. But Vanyel will uncover that there may be more to him than a simple want to be a bard.

I cannot say too much on this book without giving up major points of the plot. As you can all guess, it is a fantasy series that takes place in Valdemar (the land where most of Mercedes Lackey’s books are taking place). It is the first instalment in the Last Herald Mage trilogy that is centred on the character of Vanyel. The book is very fast paced and felt more like an introduction to the trilogy than a real first book (well at least until chapter 10).

I did read Mercedes Lackey’s works before with her Heralds of Valdemar trilogy and I remember really enjoying it. Her style is definitely a good start in the fantasy genre. AND I CANNOT BELIEVE NO ONE IS SPARING HER A GLANCE IN THE BOOK COMMUNITY!!!! Seriously (rant time sorry guys), all the booktube channels and book blogs I am following concerning fantasy books never talk about her! I always feel like they are redundantly blabbering about the same authors and when I do admit they are great as well (of course not for the ones I haven’t read, there I cannot say until I do read them) there is no reason to ignore Mercedes Lackey’s series. Because she did write many series and I believe, from what I read, that everyone can find one they like! Rant over moving on to the characters of the book (again sorry for it but it did annoy me).

 If you are not familiar with Valdemar, it is a land where magic is pretty common. Heralds are chosen by companions (horses usually white if my memory is correct) and are there to protect and care for the kingdom. They have certain Gift, basically powers, to help them. Some of them possess the Mage-gift which is the highest gift one can possess (I might do a full article on Valdemar if anyone is interested).

The characters in this book are very diverse (cannot spoil more sorry) and I especially liked Vanyel. He is a teenage boy with many emotional baggages and has to try to learn to live in society without shielding himself from others. On the other hand, I absolutely despised (strong words here to show hatred xD) Savil, for me she is self-centred and don’t truly care for her nephew and especially after the tragic events I was so angered by her reaction. Also I find her to be not consistent because of that.

I really thought this was a good book, a bit too fast and slow at the same time (yes it felt like a long into) but I fell back in love with Mercedes Lackey’s style and will definitely read more of her series. In fact I already ordered the next two volumes xD (what is taking so long Book Depository TT-TT).

Hey everyone! Sorry for the hectic posting schedule but I am fully working on my dissertation right now xD (T-T) but the usual posting days (monday and wednesday) will be back next week ! Until then have a great week!