Chronicles of a librarian take 3

chronicles of a librarian

Hello everybody!

So as some of you guys remarked I was off the blog for a month and that is because of Christmas.

If you don’t know Christmas for a librarian is a horrible period of time because of : the clients, the quantities we receive and the lack of space to put said quantities in the shop.  I am in charge of the social science department (meaning: politic, sociology, science, history, esoteric, spiritual and self-development books) and for Christmas I received a lot of coffee table books that I needed to put on my Christmas display. Every department had a Christmas display and to put said displays we had to stay up until 2 AM in the shop or start working at 6AM. Basically at the end of it I was dead on my feet. But I really like how my display turned out and I thought I would insert a picture to show you guys ^^


Tell me down below if you like it 😀 Also I am sorry for the angle, you can’t see everything but you are seeing the best !

So now let’s get on with some weird and funny encounters with customers, I don’t have a lot for this month but I think I will have plenty for the next.

An old lady came up at our counter and asked « Excuse-me but where are the Pokemon ? ». I was tempted to laugh and say “The pokestop is right up the street and there’s a lure right now!” But I had pity for the poor grandma who actually came for her grandchild. Instead, I asked “You mean the cards?” (Because we do sell the cards, gotta catch them all~~~~!) And she answered “No the books!”. Okay that was a good description of what she needed so I led her to the pokemon books and I asked with collection and she said “Gold and Silver”. When I handed her the book she was looking doubtful “they were bigger” she said. That’s when it clicked “You meant the manga series?” “Yes, yes that’s it!”. And we moved to the other end of the library… But she was so sweet she thanked me so much that I was okay with it.

Another day a women came up the counter with her phone and without saying anything she showed me her phone which was on facetime. Her child was on it and said “I want the Miserable in the Hatier editions”. No hellos no please and certainly no thank yous when I gave it to his mother. She just took the book and went to the cashier. Rude much!

Yesterday, a client went to my colleague to ask for a political book.  Since I was in my department, to be precise I was on a ladder stacking some books on the higher shelves, he asked me for it and ho boy I didn’t know that a book would make such a ruckus. They started a political debate on Macron right there, talking loudly and with cuss words (in a very French way some will say). I was so embarrassed I just wanted them to move their discussion elsewhere!!! Finally after they run out of negative comments about our president they went away but during that entire time customers kept glancing my way because they were noisy…..

So that’s it for today’s post! I hope you will all have a great week! Do you guys started Christmas decoration? I am going to put mines up this Sunday  😀


Fire’s Stone review

Fire stone.jpg

(Aaron and Darvish looooove them!!!)

Fire’s Stone by Tanya Huff

338131Rating : five stars 🙂

Aaron, the thief, Darvish, the alcoholic prince, Chandra, the soon to be wed to the prince mage, are joint on a mission to bring back the stone that hold and protects their kingdom.

I was blown away by this story. When I heard reviews on Tanya Huff’s works they were mostly saying that her works are okay but not great. It may be true for her other books but this one was a great one. At first I thought the story would be a “normal” fantasy story meaning the plot would be see-through and dull and to be honest it was but that’s what was great! It was written in such a way that you don’t care that you already read that story.

Aside from that the writing is flawless and just makes you dive in. I didn’t read a standalone in a long time and I missed that feeling of “Oh my! It’s already finished and there are no other books to continue the fun” I wanted more of Darvish and Aaron! I wanted to know what happened after! But you know what, that frustration proves me right this book was awesome!

Do you guys know any other good book by Tanya Huff? Did you read this one too? Let me know in the comments!!

Obsidian review


(To be honest I laughed so hard when I read that scene that I had to picture it for you guys lol)

Obsidian (Lux series #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

12578077Rating : three stars

Katy moves into a new town with her mother. She soon realizes that there is something weird with her neighbors. The twins have apparently a lot of secrets and know something about the disappearing girls in town. As the school year starts Katy is getting closer to them and realizes that they are in fact aliens. The down part is that they are some sort of demons chasing them and Katy needs to be protected and for that she is to be followed by male twin Deamon an insufferable good looking asshole.

Okay, get where this review is going? If you know me you know I love criticizing YA books. Especially does who have an apparent Twilight-y feeling from the start (oh yeah this review is slowly turning into a rant). From the beginning I was thinking this is giving so many flashbacks from Twilight… Except the writing was better. I have to give this to J.L. Armentrout she is a good storyteller, not a mind blowing one but still not a bad one.

So imagine myself getting excited because hey aliens and hearing everyone praising this series. Get the picture? Now, picture me reading this and be absolutely disappointed when Armentrout tried to explain how their powers work. Basically, the alien can have different powers and they come from light, Deamon can stop time and travel light speed fast even faster (How is that even scientifically possible?). And how did Armentrout explained that? Well let me quote “I’m not a scientist, so I don’t know how it works, just that we can.” And that ladies and gentlemen was it! In a nutshell she was treating the reader like a child saying “That’s the way things are”. How quaint!

I was so annoyed with this part… But the rest is your normal YA story: girl fell in love with supernatural boy, they have a sort of impossible story because they are not the same species, and enemies try to get to said girl yadayadayada.  So nothing extraordinary. And that is what I am getting at, this book was not awful, but it was definitively not mind blowing. I will not continue this series at all and sorry if you liked it but it was not for me.

Do you like YA? What are some elements of YA genres that you hate? Does anyone know a good YA fantasy book and/or series that is actually well written and not trope?

Chronicles of a librarian 2

chronicles of a librarian

So it’s that time of the month again where I put down my observations on the life of a librarian. Hope it will make you laugh considering the weird experiences I had.

So before School started and everyone was crazy over the lists of books teachers gave (In France teachers and professors gives out lists of books to buy, whether workbooks or paperbacks), It was quite quiet at the shop. And then one day this mother came in with her kids (one was 2 yo and the other one 4 ish) she had already bothered me three times, and yes at this point I use bother, for children books and alternate methods of education. I gathered that her kids were following the Montessori education (one of the most famous in France with Alpha and Boscher) and her little girl was looking at some Boscher workbooks because for 2 bought you had one giant poster to color. And of course the little girl was throwing a tantrum to have the poster (the thing with those alternative methods is that they focus on the kid having fun and not actually being educated first…). So the mom was begging me to sell them the poster and I could not since it was a free product… I was so tired with the kid’s tantrum that I ended up giving it up to the mother. I thought I was over with them but NO! The mom actually asked the kid to give me a thank you kiss. And she did and I felt grossed out the entire afternoon…

As I was saying the whole school debacle happened by the second week of September at the library and I kid you not there was a line from the library desk to the entry of the store (at least 30 people and not counting their kids). Well, this lady came in and was literally growling because she had to buy a latin-french dictionary and the normal price is 11E and she wanted one below 10E. I spent 10 minutes searching for one and every time I told her the price she was throwing a tantrum. I ended up finding one 9E and she barely said thank you…

Another day a professional clown (at least that what she claimed being) was horribly flirting with my colleague and at some point he said “You know men should be pregnant with boys and women with girl for equality’s sake” . That sentence was followed by a terrible silence where I turned my head and looked at my coworker and when I saw her face I erupted in a fit of laughter. Even my customer was laughing at this point.

I could also talk about how many client yelled at me because their books were not there and their kid’s teacher was about to ground their kid but I don’t want to talk about those person. Overall the school frenzy was terribly tiring and now we are on to the preparation of Christmas… Already.

Wild Magic review


(Daine blowing hair into a pony’s nose to make him obey xD)

Wild Magic (the Immortals series #1) by Tamora Pierce

282952rating: five stars


Daine is a young woman who can communicate with animals. Her special powers lead her to be hired by Onua who cares for a hoard of ponies that are to be delivered to the Queen’s Riders. Yet along the way they stumble upon famous mage Numair who eventually tries to teach her how to control her powers which are in fact wild magic (hence the title yep you can all see that I know). The three of them soon realize that Daine can also sense the presence of Immortals, evil creatures that are menacing the land of Tortall but the young women is not sure if she should trust humans.

First of all a bit of fangirling : THIS WAS AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I totally loved the character of Daine. A girl who does not trust humans and is in sync with animals, for me that is the greatest character! Moreover she can actually communicate with other being (the spoiler stops here I swear).

I am not a fan of ponies because they are evil small horses who are mean because they have an inferiority complex (Do not argue ponies are mean they bite!), yet I was not annoyed by their place in the narration. Moreover, I did not read the Alanna series (which comes first in the timeline) but it was not a problem, the plot did not revolved around that and even if Alanna is present in this book she did not have a real central place.

The storyline felt a bit simple at first but it went skyrocketing good by the end of the book because of one thing : dragon. No, I shall not say more!

Howl’s moving castle review


(Sophie and her hats!)

Howl’s moving castle by Diana Wynne Jones

6294rating: five stars

Sophie is the eldest of three sisters. When their father dies, their step mom has to manage the hat shop alone. She dispatches the two youngest and keeps Sophie at the shop where she has always belonged. Sophie feels like it is here duty to accepted her situation and let her self be shut off the world and more and more sheltered and lonely. One day, while selling a hat, she angered the infamous Witch of the waste who turns her into an old lady. Sophie run away to find a wat to counter the spell. Desperately she goes to Wizard Howl’s moving castle even if the rumors describe him as eating maiden’s hearts.

I recently re-read this amazing book. It brought back so many memories because this is the book which got me into fantasy. It is just so well written and the characters are addictive. No wonder the great Miyazaki made it into an anime! And for once the “movie” was as good even if it did not entirely follow the plotline.

This is an excellent start into fantasy for me because it is Jane Austen vibes meets Terry Pratchet. So yes I could go on and on about how awesome this book is but it would be even better if you go read it xD


Chronicles of a librarian

chronicles of a librarian

As you might have heard in July, I started to work as a librarian for a famous French library a bit like Barnes and Nobles. To be honest it was kind off a job opportunity I would not have let fly by me because seriously being surrounded by books all day how could I possibly refuse?

I do love my job although it is frustrating because so many books pass between my hands and I can’t read them! xD I also have less time to do things outside of work and since I spent my days standing up I am pretty tired at night. I also don’t have a redundant schedule, meaning I can work five to six days in a week and they vary from one week to another therefore my posts are not really schedule as well.

But! I do have some interesting anecdotes to share with you guys so that’s a plus! I thought I would talk about weird things customers ask and funny things that happened at work because let’s be honest I have quite a few things to say.

For example, yesterday, a girl (mid-twenties) came to our counter and said she needed book recommendations for her vacation. I asked what kind of books she liked and she answered, ‘A bit of everything and the last book I read was a Musso (a French author who writes poor quality contemporary fiction) and also a detective novel. But I want to try some more fantasy because I was going to read a Game of Thrones but since I watched the show I don’t want to read something I already watched.’ Girl how wrong you are! The show is nothing like the books which are immensely better! But, of course, I could not tell her that. So first I recommended a few Science Fiction books and she said she wanted more fantasy. I recommended the Hobbit and she said and I quote, ‘Wait is it the thing (YES SHE SAID THE THING) from The Lord of The Ring universe? I did not like the movies I fell asleep in front of them.’ So I took a calming breath, because who dares to disregard the master himself and pointed a French fantasy author Pierre Pevel (whose book series I started and it’s really book) I told her it was kind of like Harry Potter in terms of universes but she answered, ‘Don’t you have anything like a Game of Thrones?’ Dude you can actually READ the books but keeping my anger I pointed Robin Hobb, I know it’s not quite like it but in terms of universe there are some similitudes. She was not convinced and she actually talked about Twilight so I sighed and gave her a Mercy Thomspon novel. And she was happy.

Another day, I was dealing with a client on the phone when a lady, gray hair in tresses, round glasses and The Girl on the Train in hands came to the counter looking quite embarrassed. I finished with my client and welcomed her. ‘I am quite embarrassed to ask this, my request may seem quite odd and it might be complicated.’ When a client says that usually they don’t know the title or the author and they vaguely remember the book cover so I prepared myself for the worst. ‘I am here to buy the latest edition of Mein Kampf for a friend who is working on it for his studies.’ She was all red and seemed really embarrassed to ask this, poor her. We don’t keep these books in the library they are hidden in a room with the client’s orders. So I gave her the book and she was still looking unsure of herself. ‘Excuse me but do you have something to cover it up? I feel a bit shameful having it in my hand.”  I gave her a random paper and reassured her that no one would judge her for that.