Wolf Speaker review


(Daine and all her animals going on an adventure, I just realized that the lighting is pretty bad so sorry guys…)

Wolf Speaker(Immortal series 2) by Tamora Pierce

858672Rating : five stars

I have to admit I love this book more than the first one. We are back with an older Daine who is travelling with Numair. But as they cross the region of Dunlath her old pack of wolves are calling out to her. They are facing a major crisis due to humans digging holes in the ground. Terrible problems await Daine when she realizes that something fishy is going on in Dunlath.
For me the most interesting part was to see Daine interacts with animals and it was what I loved in the first book. She almost has no interaction with humans and develops her capacities. We also learn more on several creatures and their relationships to humans are getting more and more complex.

Daine’s powers are also increasing, she now can travel through an animal with their mind but she can also turn into one which is awesome!

The only thing I could say is that I didn’t care at all for the villain… Maybe it was because we didn’t really know who the actual villain is but he is not at the center of events. I don’t know if it is just me but he felt small and not that powerful.

Anyways I still love this series and I hope to get to the other books pretty soon! Also I might do a tag post before Christmas, any suggestions?


Chistmasaurus review


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Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher

Rating : five stars

As you all can see, no art for this review. Why? Well just open this book, the art inside is just gorgeous and I didn’t want to try and do the same and fail LOL.

This book follows William a young man in a wheelchair. William leaves with his father and is being hazed at school by the new girl. Deprived of friends and very sad, William sends a Christmas letter asking for a dinosaur. In the North Pole, before Christmas, Santa’s elves find an egg in the ice and bring it back to Santa. Once hatched they discover that it contained a dinosaur.

I will stop here because honestly since it is a middle grade book you can probably tell how it’s going to go BUT it is so damn well written. I just thought that mixing Christmas and dinosaurs was a pretty darn good idea. I was at work when we opened the box containing these babies and I had to get it right after that. My first reaction was to flip through it and discover the amazing art inside!

Anyone can read this book but if you consider buying it for a child I think 8-10 years would be the smallest age for this book. Of course you can read it to smaller ones but I don’t know…

What’s your favorite Christmas book? Do you have any recommendations? Comment down below if you want and until next time !

November Manga wrap up


Hey guys ! So, as you probably know, by now, I like reading manga but I still haven’t reviewed any on this blog. So I thought how about I do a monthly post, like Chronicles of a librarian, but with my manga Wrap Up? Because honestly if I start posting manga reviews one by one I think it will be boring (maybe I’m wrong…. Do tell me lol).

Okay so in November I did read quite a bit of mangas, for work but also for myself. I do read any types of manga series I just don’t like horror (I am still traumatised by the Doubt series) and erotica. I might also review some anime if that is interesting for you guys, let me know down below if you want anime reviews too!

So let’s dive into it with a shojo series I loved!!!

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Wolf girl and Black Prince by Hatta Ayuko

Rating : So far Four Stars

I only read books 1 to 5 of the series (total of 16) but seriously it is so addictive! It is the story of Erika who draws a contract with school prince Kyouya. He has to pretend to be her boyfriend but in exchange she has to be his dog. It is seriously funny and light a lot of feelings are involved and also a few dramatic situations. It is not at all an overly girly manga because Erika does stand up for herself and tries to get out of this dog status and rise up to girlfriends’.

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Orange by Ichigo Takano

Rating : Five stars

If there is only one shojo manga you would have to read it would be this one. Orange is a shojo/Josei manga where Naho receives a letter from her older self on the first day of high school.  In this letter, she explains that she has to get closer to a boy to prevent him from committing suicide later on. This manga is absolutely not light; it is full of heavy topics. It could be seen as a coming of age series but I think it is so much more than that because all the side stories are important and it makes you realise how one small choice can alter one’s life. Go check it out! Also volume 6 is coming out soon!

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess volume 2 by Akira Himekawa




Rating: Four stars

Twilight Princess is one of my favorite Zelda games so I had to buy the manga series. It is pretty close to the games with a few changes BUT it is so damn slow…. It is volume 2 and we just encounter the first oracle in the forest… Which is like 20 minutes in the game if you’re slow…. So yes the art is great the details are awesome but it is super-duper slow


Card Captor Sakura (Clear Arc)volume 1 by CLAMP


Rating : Five stars

I was so excited for this new Sakura series!!! The last CLAMP series I read was Drug&Drop which was put on hold two years ago ( so sad)…. But this new Arc bring out new mysteries and with our favorite characters, I mean everyone is here! Her cards turned transparent but new cards are appearing along with a new scepter!!! I feel like a child again lol and I cannot wait for the new editions of the original manga (which is no longer edited but a new version is coming out in France).

The Ancient Magnus Bride volume 7 by Kore Yamazaki


Rating: three stars

I was disappointed with this one… I really loved the first volume of AMB but right now the plot line seems to have been kind of frozen, I don’t really see where it is going.



Sailor Moon volume 1 by Naoko Takeuchi


Rating: three stars

I used to watch the anime when I was a kid and I never really got around reading the manga yet this month I decided to start.  I was a little bit disappointed because Usagi sounded very stupid in this one, maybe it’s because it’s the first one, I don’t know… Still it was cool to come back to it but I can’t help but feel disappointed by it.

Fire’s Stone review

Fire stone.jpg

(Aaron and Darvish looooove them!!!)

Fire’s Stone by Tanya Huff

338131Rating : five stars 🙂

Aaron, the thief, Darvish, the alcoholic prince, Chandra, the soon to be wed to the prince mage, are joint on a mission to bring back the stone that hold and protects their kingdom.

I was blown away by this story. When I heard reviews on Tanya Huff’s works they were mostly saying that her works are okay but not great. It may be true for her other books but this one was a great one. At first I thought the story would be a “normal” fantasy story meaning the plot would be see-through and dull and to be honest it was but that’s what was great! It was written in such a way that you don’t care that you already read that story.

Aside from that the writing is flawless and just makes you dive in. I didn’t read a standalone in a long time and I missed that feeling of “Oh my! It’s already finished and there are no other books to continue the fun” I wanted more of Darvish and Aaron! I wanted to know what happened after! But you know what, that frustration proves me right this book was awesome!

Do you guys know any other good book by Tanya Huff? Did you read this one too? Let me know in the comments!!

Obsidian review


(To be honest I laughed so hard when I read that scene that I had to picture it for you guys lol)

Obsidian (Lux series #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

12578077Rating : three stars

Katy moves into a new town with her mother. She soon realizes that there is something weird with her neighbors. The twins have apparently a lot of secrets and know something about the disappearing girls in town. As the school year starts Katy is getting closer to them and realizes that they are in fact aliens. The down part is that they are some sort of demons chasing them and Katy needs to be protected and for that she is to be followed by male twin Deamon an insufferable good looking asshole.

Okay, get where this review is going? If you know me you know I love criticizing YA books. Especially does who have an apparent Twilight-y feeling from the start (oh yeah this review is slowly turning into a rant). From the beginning I was thinking this is giving so many flashbacks from Twilight… Except the writing was better. I have to give this to J.L. Armentrout she is a good storyteller, not a mind blowing one but still not a bad one.

So imagine myself getting excited because hey aliens and hearing everyone praising this series. Get the picture? Now, picture me reading this and be absolutely disappointed when Armentrout tried to explain how their powers work. Basically, the alien can have different powers and they come from light, Deamon can stop time and travel light speed fast even faster (How is that even scientifically possible?). And how did Armentrout explained that? Well let me quote “I’m not a scientist, so I don’t know how it works, just that we can.” And that ladies and gentlemen was it! In a nutshell she was treating the reader like a child saying “That’s the way things are”. How quaint!

I was so annoyed with this part… But the rest is your normal YA story: girl fell in love with supernatural boy, they have a sort of impossible story because they are not the same species, and enemies try to get to said girl yadayadayada.  So nothing extraordinary. And that is what I am getting at, this book was not awful, but it was definitively not mind blowing. I will not continue this series at all and sorry if you liked it but it was not for me.

Do you like YA? What are some elements of YA genres that you hate? Does anyone know a good YA fantasy book and/or series that is actually well written and not trope?

Wild Magic review


(Daine blowing hair into a pony’s nose to make him obey xD)

Wild Magic (the Immortals series #1) by Tamora Pierce

282952rating: five stars


Daine is a young woman who can communicate with animals. Her special powers lead her to be hired by Onua who cares for a hoard of ponies that are to be delivered to the Queen’s Riders. Yet along the way they stumble upon famous mage Numair who eventually tries to teach her how to control her powers which are in fact wild magic (hence the title yep you can all see that I know). The three of them soon realize that Daine can also sense the presence of Immortals, evil creatures that are menacing the land of Tortall but the young women is not sure if she should trust humans.

First of all a bit of fangirling : THIS WAS AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! I totally loved the character of Daine. A girl who does not trust humans and is in sync with animals, for me that is the greatest character! Moreover she can actually communicate with other being (the spoiler stops here I swear).

I am not a fan of ponies because they are evil small horses who are mean because they have an inferiority complex (Do not argue ponies are mean they bite!), yet I was not annoyed by their place in the narration. Moreover, I did not read the Alanna series (which comes first in the timeline) but it was not a problem, the plot did not revolved around that and even if Alanna is present in this book she did not have a real central place.

The storyline felt a bit simple at first but it went skyrocketing good by the end of the book because of one thing : dragon. No, I shall not say more!

Howl’s moving castle review


(Sophie and her hats!)

Howl’s moving castle by Diana Wynne Jones

6294rating: five stars

Sophie is the eldest of three sisters. When their father dies, their step mom has to manage the hat shop alone. She dispatches the two youngest and keeps Sophie at the shop where she has always belonged. Sophie feels like it is here duty to accepted her situation and let her self be shut off the world and more and more sheltered and lonely. One day, while selling a hat, she angered the infamous Witch of the waste who turns her into an old lady. Sophie run away to find a wat to counter the spell. Desperately she goes to Wizard Howl’s moving castle even if the rumors describe him as eating maiden’s hearts.

I recently re-read this amazing book. It brought back so many memories because this is the book which got me into fantasy. It is just so well written and the characters are addictive. No wonder the great Miyazaki made it into an anime! And for once the “movie” was as good even if it did not entirely follow the plotline.

This is an excellent start into fantasy for me because it is Jane Austen vibes meets Terry Pratchet. So yes I could go on and on about how awesome this book is but it would be even better if you go read it xD